[Fishing Skills] A Tip for Walking Fish when Fishing Big Fish: Choking Water

When we go fishing, the most enjoyable and enjoyable part is probably the moment when we walk the fish. The mood of excitement and nervousness and fear makes people have endless aftertaste. The excitement is because the big fish is just around the corner and will soon be taken into the bag, while the nervousness is harmful.Even because I have to worry about whether I will unhook and run the fish, if I walk half of the fish and run away, I feel that the cooked duck has flown away and my heart aches.Let’s learn how to walk the fish after catching a big fish.

Many fishing friends have heard of choking water, and when fishing, they can often see the fishing friends of the middle fish choking water. That is to say, they use methods such as lifting rods and pulling wires to control the fishing line, contain the big fish, and let the fish mouth pour water on the water surface, thus consuming the fish’s physical strength. This method can be used whether fishing in a reservoir or in a black pit. However, most fishing friends have learned this skill directly from others, but I wonder if they have ever thought about the main points and whether it is reasonable or unreasonable.
Fish cannot be separated from water by nature. Whether it is saltwater fish or freshwater fish, they spend their whole lives in water. Unlike human beings, they will choke in water. Does choking really work when we walk? Moreover, when the water is choked, the gills of the fish are tightly closed and the water in the fish’s mouth is not circulating. If choking really works, there is no air in the water, which is more severe than choking on the water surface, then why does the fish not choke in the water? I believe many fishing friends will have such doubts. Let’s talk about the skill of choking water and discuss these problems with you.

Suppose we catch crucian carp in the wild of the reservoir, and the fish takes the bait, it will soon feel the existence of the hook, and then immediately struggle to swim to the bottom. Generally speaking, the fish are naturally timid and will quickly flee to the deep water area when there is trouble. They think that the deep water area is a safe area, and so is crucian carp. However, the purpose of walking the fish is to drag the fish to the surface of the water until they reach the shore to receive fish protection. This makes us have a seesaw battle with the crucian carp that bites the hook. At the moment, the first consideration is the bearing capacity of the fishing line. Any negligence will break the line and run the fish. Therefore, no matter whether choking water is really effective or not, the fishing line must be excellent fishing line with strong tensile strength, which is the key to walking the fish.
When crucian carp swims deep into the reservoir, We can contain fish through fishing rods and fishing lines. When the fish swam violently, Give it a little force, If you pull hard at yourself at this moment, It is likely that the fish will be disconnected or unhooked. Give it some strength. After the momentum is over, it will pull to its own side. If it feels wrong, it will swim to the depth of the reservoir again. Repeated many times, it will consume the strength of the fish. However, the fisherman will also consume the strength. Therefore, the fishing rod used by the fisherman is preferably light in body and hard and soft in material. In this way, when walking the fish, one can save one’s own physical strength through the performance of the fishing rod.

At the moment, it is not to say that choking water is used to consume its physical strength. It is only to contain it and let its physical strength be reduced until it is exhausted and slowly brought to the water surface. At this moment, choking water can be said.The fish are exposed to the water for the first time, and when they are aware of the danger, they will struggle violently with their last strength. Now they will show the effect of choking water. However, choking water does not directly affect walking the fish, but only plays a catalytic role in consuming physical strength.
When choking water, the fish will struggle with all their strength. At this moment, it is necessary to test the fisherman’s hook. Whether the hook can bear it is especially important at this moment. If it is slightly loosened, it will lead to fish running. Therefore, the hook is also very important to catch big fish. No matter what kind of hook it is, the hook body must be thick and hard, so that there will be no accidents when choking water.
I believe you must have seen the effect of choking water. It is by constantly stimulating the fish that it struggles and consumes its physical strength, so that our fish walking process can be smoother. When choking water, use even force to let the fish’s mouth out of the water as much as possible, which can destroy the fish’s breathing habits in the water. Then use fishing rods to let the fish enter and leave the water from time to time. After several times, the fish will be completely honest.