[Fishing Skills] Experience and Skills of Walking Fish, Don’t Fall off at the Last Moment

Having the skill of lifting the rod and slipping the fish is a key factor for the middle fish, because if even if you have a fish taken the bait, but in the end it is not clear that what’s time is the most suitable time for how to slip the fish more correctly, then it is very easy to cause decoupling and running the fish.Then the fish is not yours at this time. It is really a pity that the efforts made in the early stage fell short at the last moment.In view of the fact that many fishermen are nervous and in a hurry after the middle fish, let’s talk about some of my own experiences.

When walking the fish with the rod, we do some action decomposition. The first step is to hook the fish, the second step is to lift the fish, and the third step is to hold the fish in our fishing rod. Hook fish is the most important step to lift the rod and walk the fish. If you make mistakes in this matter, you will not be able to do it well and it is meaningless to do it. Lift the rod and you can feel the size of the fish in the process. With this judgment, it is easy to know to lift the fish with what’s strength.
When walking the fish, As much time as possible, The fish’s physical strength is almost exhausted, It is much easier to lift the pole. Walking fish with a pole should be judged according to fishing gear and fish species. Carassius auratus or carp, When deciding whether to catch crucian carp or carp, Depending on the line group, Then make the most accurate judgment according to your long-term fishing experience, so at the same time, you should also have a lot of knowledge about fishing gear and skills. Fish have different living habits. Therefore, when lifting the pole, you should also pay attention to the habits of fish. You will know very well before fishing. Whether carp or crucian carp, when you feel that the fish is a big fish.

Before fishing, we should also have a special understanding of our fishing rod. The softness, hardness and length of the rod should be larger when the longer and softer rod swings its arms. The reason is similar. If the rod is hard and short, the amplitude should be smaller when swinging its arms. In addition, we should also be familiar with the understanding of line groups. In a word, we should know a lot about fishing gear.
When you feel the fish taking the bait, We will have a psychological journey, “Ah, I’m so nervous, the fish has taken the bait”. Don’t be nervous and calm. You must be calm before lifting the pole. On the surface, you can’t lose to the fish. Slowly analyze the reaction of the fish floating. In this way, you can analyze whether the fish is big or small, crucian carp or other fish. In this way, when lifting the pole, you can successfully catch a fish with the strength and speed you should use.
The other is the choice of fishing position, whether to fish near or far. If it is far away, when lifting the rod, the range should be large and the force should be used to swing the rod forward. If it is closer, the speed should be fast and stable.

Fishing is a slow job, only after into the pit discovered that there are many things to know.Before fishing, we need to know a lot about external factors, including weather, environment, pole, line, fishing point, fish situation, etc. After all these are confirmed, we will decide whether it is suitable for fishing.