[Fishing Skills] How to Choose Fishing Position for Fishing in River? There are mysteries in these three places,

Warm spring and blooming flowers are a good time for fishing. Fishing in spring is not particularly high at this time and it will be more comfortable to fish. However, the fish is still not particularly active at this time, which requires us to master some skills to deal with it. At this time, it is very important to choose a fishing position. If you don’t want the air force, let’s see where fish are usually active.

1. Shiwo

There will be many stones at the water’s edge of some reservoirs or ponds, and these stones will form small stone houses or some gaps. Algae and insects grow in these places, which is a good place for fish to feed and can bring them a sense of security. However, before opening the pole, it is best to consult the fishing friends about the situation, protect the fishing tackle and prevent the gap from getting stuck in the lead skin.

2. Lodging branches

Some trees fell down on the edge of some rivers. After a long period of soaking, many microorganisms grew on the trees for fish to feed on, which is also a good choice.

3. Aquatic plants

Carassius auratus likes aquatic plants because there are plenty of nutrients and food here, and it can provide them with escape from danger. The aquatic plants are a very good fishing position. However, fishing in aquatic plants requires attention to finding the bottom. In places with deep water, there may be dark grass, which is easy to hook and loses sub-lines. At the same time, look at whether there is water flow. Lift the rod quickly to prevent the hook from being brought into the grass nest by water flow or small fish and hanging at the bottom.

Only when you know your enemy and yourself can you fight without danger. If you want to catch good fish and think about where fish like, you will definitely not be an air force.