[Fishing Skills] How to Find Fishing Position for Crucian Carp in Summer? 5 Skills

In fact, summer is not the golden season for catching crucian carp, but it is not that crucian carp is not easy to catch in summer. However, according to the habits of crucian carp, it is difficult to catch large crucian carp in summer, and slightly smaller crucian carp is still very easy to catch. This time we need to find a good fishing position, so how can we find a good fishing position for crucian carp in summer? The following 5 skills are expected to be helpful to all fishing friends.

First, look for deep water
In summer, you should choose places with sufficient oxygen and low water temperature, so the deep water area in the water area is the only choice. However, crucian carp is not a deep-water fish species, and the temperature and dissolved oxygen of the water will show a downward trend with the increase of water depth. Simply put, the deeper the water, the less oxygen is. Therefore, there must be a rule for fishing crucian carp in deep water. Generally speaking, the water depth cannot exceed 6 meters, otherwise it is difficult for crucian carp to survive in summer. Crucian carp in summer is different from winter, which is in a semi-dormant state with low oxygen consumption, but summer is different.
Second, look for fish stars
In summer, crucian carp needs to feed every day, so it is a good choice to find fish through fish stars. Among all kinds of freshwater fish, the fish star of crucian carp is the best recognized. The fish star of crucian carp often has 1 or 2 single bubbles, which will not break until it reaches the water surface for a long time. This is also the biggest difference between the fish star and the earth bubble. When crucian carp eats bait, it will discharge the air from its mouth first, so the appearance of fish stars indicates that crucian carp is foraging here.

Three, find oxygen
Oxygen in water will be affected by air pressure and temperature. Low air pressure will lead to insufficient oxygen in water, and high temperature will also lead to insufficient oxygen. Therefore, in summer, sultry weather often causes fish to float. Therefore, we look for places with sufficient oxygen in the fishing position, such as the water inlet, which has been said many times, the best fishing position in high temperature season. Besides running water will increase oxygen in the water, wind will also increase oxygen in the water, so the lower air outlet in windy days is also one of the best fishing positions in high temperature seasons.
Four, find food
In summer, crucian carp has to feed every day, so as to maintain physical strength and vitality. Therefore, where there is much natural food, crucian carp will gather together. Natural bait mainly includes shrimps, insects, tender stems of plants, seeds of plants, etc. There are the first three kinds of bait in aquatic plants, so it is a very good fishing point. However, it should be noted that places with luxuriant aquatic plants in summer are not conducive to the shuttle of crucian carp, so fishing should be carried out around the edge of aquatic plants, or fishing points with sparse aquatic plants should be selected. However, bait such as plant seeds often enter the water through running water and wind, so the lower air outlet, the river return bay outlet, the water inlet and the water outlet are all good fishing positions.

Five, find shade
In summer, the sun shines directly on the water surface, resulting in higher water temperatures in the places where the sun shines directly. However, the sunshade avoids direct sunlight and the water temperature is relatively low. For example, places like shade, bridge opening and hillside are all favorite places for crucian carp to spend the summer. There is a saying that fishing in summer is not empty beside aquatic plants and under the shade of trees.