King of bream! Hegou caught 6 kg of bream with golden scales. Can wild bream grow so big?

The bream is also called Wuchang fish, and the local homophonic name is Wuchang fish or fickle fish. It is really inconceivable that an unknown river can catch a large bream weighing 6 kg. Can bream grow to 6 kg in the wild? Will this be a hybrid or cultured variety?
Bream is a common fish, which is found in lakes or rivers in many places. Most people specialize in fishing for bream. However, I have never caught a fish weighing more than 6 kg. This fish can reach this limit in this water area. Recently, a fisherman caught a 6-kilogram bream in an unknown local river. Its scales were golden and looked very beautiful.
Such a big bream has attracted many people in the village. People are talking about it. Everyone knows that there are bream fish in the area, but they have never seen such a big fish before. This giant bream was caught by fishermen with throwing rods and commercial bait. The villagers who watched pointed as if it were a rarity.
An eldest brother in the village stopped to watch and said: “I have been fishing in the local area for more than ten years, and I have also caught a lot of bream fish, most of which are one or two catties in size. This is the first time I have seen such a big bream fish. If the fisherman wants to sell it, he is willing to buy it and put it in the fish pond for breeding!”
The bream has different sizes due to different environments. It is said that the bream has high water quality requirements and slow growth ratio, with an average growth rate of about one or two a year. Friends who have caught bream all know that compared with wild crucian carp, carp and grass carp, the growth rate is extremely slow.
Under normal wild conditions, it takes more than ten years for a bream to grow to this size. In the past ten years, we have to avoid the bait of many fishermen and the sweep of many electric fishermen. Among the onlookers, one was more careful. He questioned that the large bream weighing more than 6 kg was not wild and might have run out of the upstream breeding factory.
It is understood that there is indeed another bream farm in the upper reaches, and most of the bream farmed is sold outside the province. It has been more than three years since the breeding factory picked it up. It mainly bream and ox-tail fish are cultured and diverted water from the back mountain of the village to the fish pond. Only the equipment cost hundreds of thousands of yuan.
Some bream fish cultured in fish ponds are hybrid or genetically modified varieties. The growth rate is very fast, it can grow so big in a year or two, but the meat quality is not as delicious as that of the wild. In the end, the fishermen did not intend to release them. They wanted to take them home and let the family taste them. It was not easy to say whether they were wild. This bream may be wild, but the probability is relatively small. It is likely to be a large bream that has flooded upstream and ran out of the breeding factory.
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