Reveal the mysterious Yuantang particles, how to choose? There is a routine! How? Use the method!

For fishing friends who like to catch black pits, they are very keen to use all kinds of pellet feed. I believe every fishing friend knows that fish have no resistance to food from snacks to large foods. If they choose the right pellet feed, they are one step away from the pit crown. However, the difficulty lies in how to choose the right pellet feed. I believe fishing friends who like to catch black pits will also find that there seem to be many brands of pellet feed, and the formula of each family is completely different. Not all what pellet feed can help you become the pit crown. In view of this situation, talk about some matters about the original pond particles. The so-called original pond particles refer to the fish from snacks to large pellet feed.

1. Pellet Feed

Pellet feed, this thing still has a very scientific ratio, fish like to eat, and can make fish grow rapidly. Among them, there are many raw materials. Bean cake, rice bran, fish meal, wheat, corn and other grains will have a little bit, as well as a little bit of trace elements and vitamins to meet the needs of fish growth and promote food consumption. In fact, there are many kinds of pellet feed. First of all, the size of pellet feed is different, suitable for different fish ages, and the ratio will be slightly different. The protein content of small fish feed will be slightly higher. Secondly, pellet feed is related to fish species, and the pellet feed fed by different fish will be different. At least it can be divided into carnivorous, omnivorous and herbivorous categories, which can be roughly distinguished according to color. Herbivores mainly feed grass carp and bream in green color, carnivorous fish feed is red, omnivorous feed such as crucian carp and carp is generally brown.

Third, pellet feed can be divided into ups and downs, some sink to the bottom and some float upward. At present, there are many kinds of floating fish, and the fish cannot be eaten up and will not sink quickly, so that they can be fished out to reduce the impact on water quality. Or feeding in net cages is basically floating particles. If sunken particles are used, a lot of waste will be caused. This also illustrates a problem. Almost all the wild bottom fish eat on the ground, and almost all the fed fish have the characteristics of floating up and grabbing food. Therefore, it is not surprising to fish carp in black pits. Fourth, there are often pellet feed factories in different regions. I believe there must be industry standards in the pellet feed industry, but his standards are how much protein and fiber a certain feed can reach, and the formula can be different, just reach the standards. However, there is a characteristic that most fish farmers still habitually choose locally produced pellet feed, which will reduce the cost of transportation. Therefore, smart black pit bosses often buy fish from other places, and each batch may come from different places. Therefore, it is difficult to find a suitable pellet feed, or it is used very well this time, and it will have no effect at all next time. Therefore, choosing the right pellet feed is related to luck.

Second, the use skills of pellet feed

There are many uses of pellet feed. If the original pond pellet is found correctly, it will work well. Even if it is not found correctly, the effect will not be too poor. Therefore, several uses of pellet are introduced.

1. Hemp ball

Hemp ball is the simplest way to use pellet feed. It is integrated with lure and fishing and can be used in black pits or wild fishing. The main point of operation is to stick the bait and make the bait ball larger. First, pull the bait and then start fishing according to the pellet feed. This is a common method for quickly gathering fish in black pits.

2. Rub bait

It is also relatively simple to make rubbing bait. The most commonly used method is to prepare a little pellet feed and add a proper amount of beer to slowly melt it away. The requirement is that it is not necessary to use a hard core and cannot hold water. Therefore, attention should be paid to the amount of beer. Sealed and fermented in the refrigerator for one night, it can be used the next day. Snow pollen is added to adjust the specific gravity and wire drawing powder is added to adjust the viscosity, so that the bait with pellet feed as the main ingredient is matched well, and normal bait rubbing and fishing are OK.

3. Scattering Gun

Scattering guns is also a common fish luring technique in black pits. The operation method is relatively simple and is no different from the traditional food-wrapped fishing. The bait should be sticky and soft, and the loose cannon should be pinched. The loose cannon should be blown into water and atomized to achieve the purpose of quickly luring fish. In fact, loose guns can be completely replaced by pellet feed, so the cost will be much lower and the effect may not be bad. The pellet feed is melted with warm water, and the water is better than more. It is OK without a hard core. According to the actual situation, add water or other bait to control the atomized water layer of the loose gun.

These are some precautions for Yuantang granules. How to choose the appropriate granule feed? This is really hard to say, so as not to mislead all fishing friends. Personally, I suggest either buying what is easy to buy locally or what is produced by large factories. As for whether it is easy to use, it depends on luck. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!