When summer arrives, only this silver carp and bighead carp fishing method is the most domineering.

Every summer, many fishermen no longer mainly catch crucian carp, but target large fish species such as carp, grass carp, silver carp and bighead carp. As the saying goes, “Ideals are plump and reality is bony”. How can big fish be caught so easily?
There is no denying the fact that this is indeed a golden time for fishing silver carp and bighead carp, but without the following fishing methods, it is basically impossible to bend your bow as soon as you start fishing.
1. Looking for Gold Fishing Position
In fact, whether fishing grass carp or silver carp and bighead carp, one must find a quiet gold fishing position before starting to dry. It is absolutely true. After all, silver carp and bighead carp are a kind of medium and upper fish species, and they will escape from the fishing position at the slightest movement. Of course, according to my previous fishing experience, I think that when fishing silver carp and bighead carp in summer, the deep water area of the lower tuyere with high dissolved oxygen content should be preferred, because there are more plankton in this area, which can provide rich food, and the water depth is large and the dissolved oxygen content is high.
2. Bait collocation and adjustment
As we all know, silver carp and bighead carp belong to filter-feeding fish. Unlike other fish species, they mainly eat by suction. Therefore, this requires that our bait must be light, and it is best to add light bran when opening the bait to reduce its specific gravity. As for the bait flavor type, I think if it is mainly focused on large-sized bighead carp, strawberry flavor bait can be used. Of course, if the individuals of silver carp and bighead carp are not large, fishy smell or garlic flavor bait can also be used.
3. Floating Selection and Fishing Adjustment
In addition, when fishing silver carp and bighead carp, try to choose floats with a large amount of lead. After all, the bait for fishing silver carp and bighead carp should be large. Personally, I think it is best to choose large floats with thick body and thin tail, eye-catching color and low price. As for fishing adjustment, because a lot of light bran and other state baits are added to the bait, the float does not need to be adjusted very high, only 4 to 5 mesh and 2 to 3 mesh.