[Fishing Skills] Don’t miss the 7 gold fishing positions in summer wild fishing.

At the weekend again, fishing friends must have taken root in large bags by the reservoir and rivers! It is true that fishing in the wild has beautiful environment and fresh air, and the quality of fish is countless times better than that in fish ponds. However, fishing in the wild has a very embarrassing problem, that is, it is easy for the air force! Especially for those novice fishermen who have just learned fishing, if they do not choose fishing positions to actively find fish, the probability of whiteboard playing is very high! Next, Xiao Bian will give you an illustration of the gold fishing position of wild fishing, hoping to be helpful to you!

I. Large Area of Grass Beach

This kind of fishing position is common in winter, mostly in shoals. In winter, many big crucian carp and carp will hide in it. Along one side of the water and grass beach, there are very good pole throwing points. Earthworms and red worms can get excellent harvest!

2. Water inlet

There are two reasons why this fishing position at the water inlet can gather fish. One is that the flow of water increases the oxygen content in the water and makes it easy to gather fish. Second, running water will wash down a lot of things in the upper reaches and become bait for fish in the lower reaches, thus forming natural fish nests. Fishing in such a position is more difficult than climbing the sky to think of the air force!

Three, underwater ridge

Underwater ridge fishing positions are also very common in wild fishing, mostly formed by flooding the former dam edge after the water level rises. A row of stone crevices will be formed under this fishing position, which is easy to absorb crucian carp and carp to hide among them. At the same time, many large grass carp also like to look for food along the dam edge. Such fishing positions are also one of the fishing positions that fishermen must choose!

4. Hulukou

This kind of fishing position is generally formed by protrusions from both sides to the middle, which looks like a gourd mouth. This is a natural fishway. Fish from top to bottom or from bottom to top have to pass through here. Are you still afraid that no fish will enter the nest when fishing in this fishing position?

Five, the bend of the river inlet

If it is fishing for small streams and rivers, this kind of fishing position can be said to be a gold fishing position. In general, the water flow at the bend of the river is relatively slow, and a large amount of food and bait are deposited at the bottom of the river for fish to feed. At the same time, such places are often the deepest positions in the river and are easy to hide big fish. If you find such a place, don’t look ahead and look back. Speed is the king!

6. Hua Jian

This kind of fishing position should be the most familiar and favorite of fishing friends. Generally, this kind of fishing position is open compared with the left and right, making it convenient to sneak fish! At the same time, the fishway is in front, a large amount of food is deposited on the bottom of the water, and the nest material spreads out in a fan shape after the nest is made. Fish far away can be lured into the nest, which is indeed the ideal fishing position for wild fishing!

Seven, Kan lower position

This kind of fishing position usually appears under the slope or cliff, People cannot stand on their feet, but they can throw poles from the left and right sides of the ridge to the bottom of the ridge. Such a position is very safe for fish because it is inaccessible. Often, the water under the ridge is hollowed out by fish to form stone orifices. Nearby giants like to live in it, which can be said to be the killing fishing position for wild fishing to fight against giants! However, when fishing in such a fishing position, everyone must also pay attention to safety. When encountering a big fish that cannot be dealt with, they would rather cut the line than pester it to death.