[Fishing Skills] Seven Main Points in the Skills of Sliding Fish with Sea Rod

Fishing friends who are accustomed to fishing with hand poles must know that one problem is that they will be very tired when walking big things. Perhaps you will say that this is not very normal. Big things, no matter how many awesome your fishing poles are, of course you are tired when walking big things. Then I can only say that you are right, but have you ever thought of fishing big things with sea poles? This will be much easier! Let’s introduce some basic operations and precautions of the dried fish, so that you can easily slip the fish and feel the pleasure of people and fighting.

When catching a big fish with a sea pole, the pole should be lifted up to 70 degrees to keep the bow line and increase elasticity so as to prevent the fish from pulling off the head pole. When the fish flees, the line will be set off automatically. When the fish does not pull the wire, the shaking wheel takes up the wire. As the pulling head is slightly tightened, the fish will have to take pains to pull the fishing line and consume a lot of physical strength. The fisherman kept the fish at a distance of about 2 to 5 meters from the shore and led it for walking repeatedly. When the fish came, it was collected and when the fish went, it was released. In this way, after several rounds, the physical strength of the fish will be greatly reduced. When it is unable to sprint, it can take up the line and pull the fish to shore. At a distance of six or seven meters from the shore, it adopts the “∞” shape walking method. If it swims forward, you lead it to turn left and right. If the fish swims left, you lead it forward. When the fish swims forward, you lead the fish to the right, thus leading the fish back and forth to draw the word “∞”. Forcing it to turn left and right, the tip of the pole should eventually point opposite to the direction in which the fish swims. When the fish is exhausted and unable to resist, pull it to the shore and grab it.

In addition, the following points should be paid attention to when walking fish:
1. Tight the fishing line from beginning to end, make full use of the elasticity of the pole tip to consume the physical strength of the fish, and adopt the “∞” shape walking method.
2. Don’t catch fish ashore with a hand-held thread.
3. If you meet a big fish that can’t lift the fishing rod at all, you have to stretch out the fishing rod and create a “tug of war” to break the fishing line and protect the fishing rod.
4. Be patient, don’t yank, don’t rush to take up the line, don’t lift the fish out of the water too early. Don’t drag the fish to the water until it is completely subdued.
5. Leave aquatic plants, obstacles or unfavorable terrain.
6. Wear protective gloves to prevent the hand from being pulled by the fishing line when walking the fish with the throwing method.
7. Walking fish is both endurance and technical. You must learn to fight with fish for wisdom and courage.
With fish news, don’t worry about collecting fish, carefully observe the size of the fish and come up with countermeasures, so as to increase the catch. In fact, walking fish is also a very pleasant link. You fishing friends should experience it carefully and you will definitely have a good catch.