[Fishing Skills] Why don’t you run when catching big fish? It is very important to walk the fish with a pole.

Fishing is a very patient sport, This is not only reflected in the fact that you need to make all kinds of preparations in the early stage of fishing to deal with all possible situations during fishing, you need to be patient and wait for the fish to take the bait during fishing, Moreover, it is very important that even if the fish has already taken the bait, you cannot lift the rod too impatiently at the last moment. After all, this is the time when decoupling and running fish often happens.Whether it is wild fishing or black pit fishing, it is an essential link for the medium and large fish to walk the fish after lifting the pole. It is easier for the fish to run away if they are in a hurry to copy the fish.
First of all, we need to know that fishing rods can be divided into long and short ones. The short ones are basically between 1.9 meters and 3.9 meters, while the long ones are between 4.5 meters and 6.3 meters. The long rod has hard and super-hard adjustments. After lifting the rod to stab the fish, it is selected according to the magnitude of momentum, whether to lift the rod against the forearm to walk the fish. The short rod is divided into hard and soft adjustment. The fishing rod is short and has little room for maneuver. After stabbing the fish, the fish body needs to be quickly judged. When the fish is large, the fisherman can leave the fishing box and retreat. This is to prevent the fish from rushing out without room for maneuver. If the fish rushes out immediately after stabbing the fish, then we must not pull hard immediately and can lean out of part of the body to control the fish.

After catching fish, people are often too excited to forget to adjust the angle of the fishing rod and lift the rod directly. This makes the angle between the force direction of the fishing line and the fishing rod smaller, makes the force on the rod body greater, and is likely to cause the rod to break and run the fish.When we watch competitive fishing competitions, we often see people running back after getting on the fish, just to adjust the stress angle and relieve the first 30 seconds of the rage after the fish bites the hook.Some movements seem exaggerated, But in fact, it is very necessary, because there is no line wheel for Taiwan fishing, so there is very limited room to fight with big fish. For example, we stand on the fishing box when Taiwan fishing. This is because when the fish runs to the shore, the rod forms an arc first, and the fishing line becomes longer. Standing on the fishing box is to increase the length of the fishing rod and better control the fish.Also, the pole is inserted on the ground to prevent the fish from running out. In this way, no matter which direction the fish rushes, the fishing pole can form an arc shape, which makes it difficult to break the pole and run the fish.

Next, let’s ask you to share some precautions for walking fish with a pole. These are all personal experiences and I hope they can be helpful to you.The first point is tug of war, which is very common. When the fish bite the hook and rush out, they must keep their wrists up and make the fishing rod arc. Otherwise, if tug of war is formed, it is easy to cut large lines, lock the rod joints and even blow up the rod.The second point is to change the direction repeatedly. Sometimes the fish rushes out. We can use the resistance of water to reduce the pulling force on the fishing rod and fishing line by inverting the rod. However, if we invert the rod to the left and then immediately invert the rod to the right, it is easy to tangent the fish or decouple the fish.

In addition to these two points, it is also necessary to pay attention to the direction of the fish swimming, not to follow it, and to be different from its direction when lifting the rod to slip the fish. For example, if the fish sprints to the left and forward, you can reverse the pole to the left, but don’t pull it in the opposite direction, unless it will hang to the bottom further. Another is to lift the rod with moderation. I always see some fishing friends lifting the rod hard and lifting the rod behind my head. This is actually very dangerous and it is easy to break the rod. The last one is to hold the waist of the rod with one hand. Xiaobian thinks that when fishing on the platform, one hand holds the handle of the rod and the other hand holds the waist of the fishing rod to relieve the pressure of the fishing rod. This makes the position of this hand a new stress point, which is easy to burst the rod.