How many of these fishing codes can you understand? One last promise you don’t know

“Heavenly King covers the earth tiger,”

“Pagoda Town River Demon.”

“Blush what?”

“Be refreshed.”

“Why is it yellow again?”

“Cold-resistant wax!”

I believe these words come from the “code words” in the plot of “Lin Hai Xue Yuan” and should be unknown to all. That they can still be seen in many places.

In fact, code words not only appear in movies and TV works,In daily fishing life, Xiaobian will also use some code words that only fishing people understand., today say a few out, see how many you know?

Donkey stealing:Fishing words, stealing donkeys originated from the north, refer to spending less money to fish on non-fish days. Stealing donkeys is difficult because the density of fish is low at this time. And the remaining fish in the fish pond are generally cunning old fish.

Landing:Even if you fish in a black pit, you will go ashore if the value of the fish caught is equal to the amount of money paid for the fish ticket. For example, the fish ticket cost 50 yuan, but I caught 2 kg of fish and obviously didn’t go ashore. However, if you want to catch 15 kg of fish, you can earn back the fish ticket money according to the calculation of 4 yuan per kg, and even if you go ashore.

No mouthErThat is to say, the fish did not open their mouths to eat at all and floated motionless in the water. Note: There is still a difference between no mouth and no fish. There may be fish without mouth, but fish just don’t eat. And if there is no fish, there is really no fish.

Hanging Earth:Also known as hanging the bottom, it refers to a situation in which the hook is caught by the bottom of the water. In case of this situation, don’t panic and don’t pull the fishing rod hard to avoid breaking the rod. You should shake it left and right to pull the main line. It is also distinguished by piling,PilingIt means that the fish in the middle is relatively large and does not move under the water without fear. And there is no fish at all.

Blasting protectionThis is not the meaning of the explosion of the fish guard, but it is to say that this time there are more fish caught, and the whole fish guard cannot hold it. The number of fish is as large as the explosion. (For example, Li Jiaqi always said that it was delicious enough to explode!

Do you know all the fishing code words you have said?