How to catch fish in summer? There are the following 4 great tricks

How do fishing experts fish in summer? I used 4 boxes of cigarettes and asked 4 good ways.
Summer is not a good season for fishing. The overall catchy rate is more than half lower than that in spring and autumn. However, we cannot stop fishing in summer because of this. Those who can resist not fishing are not real fishermen. In those days, I met a master in small fishing. In order to get the “secret book” of summer fishing, I produced several boxes of cigarettes. Ha ha, don’t talk too much, this issue will tell you about four good methods of fishing in summer, so as to ensure that you can fish better and more smoothly.
First, fishing deep is not shallow.
Fishing deep but not shallow follows the “temperature-seeking” characteristic of fish. If the water temperature is too cold or too hot, the fish will not adapt, and they will swim into the lukewarm water. Then the water temperature is relatively high in summer, and the fish will go to cooler deep water. This is because the “reaction” of the water after being heated is very slow. After the upper water layer of sunshine becomes hot, the water below is still cool.
Second, fishing for Yin does not catch Yang.
This reason is the same as the above fishing depth or not fishing shallow, and it is also fishing in the cool area where fish like to go. Obviously, the water temperature is relatively lower in the place where the back sun is located and under the shade of trees. If you hook into these waters, you will not only have a high probability of catching fish, but also may encounter swarms of fish nests, which will make a lot of money.
Three, after fishing rain not before fishing rain.
There are many thunderstorms and rainstorms in summer. Such weather is often accompanied by low air pressure. The weather will be very stuffy and the oxygen content will be relatively low. In such weather, most fish no longer eat because they feel a great sense of crisis. If after such weather, the air pressure rises and there is plenty of oxygen (oxygen in the water rises and falls with the amount of oxygen in the air), the fish will start to eat bait again.
Four, fishing floating not fishing bottom.
In summer, we will obviously feel the scarcity of common fishing species, but we will often harvest some unusual fish species, such as silver carp and bighead carp. Therefore, slightly changing some fishing methods in summer, such as trying to catch floating, may have a higher hook rate than keeping the bottom of fishing. Of course, other matching methods will also come with fishing. If fishing friends can make good use of these four methods and go fishing in summer, they will not only enjoy themselves, but also have certain gains.