In summer, wild fishing for big crucian carp uses the traditional rice bait fishing method, not small fish, but big crucian carp!

Fishing crucian carp with rice is a feature of traditional fishing. Rice is light and does not recruit small fish, but large crucian carp especially likes to eat it. Summer is the craziest season for small fish. Small and medium-sized miscellaneous fish in large and small waters are eaten in groups. It is impossible to finish with improper bait. Therefore, it is very practical to try traditional fishing with rice bait and large crucian carp in small fish schools.

First, choose fishing points and fishing groups to match

For crucian carp fishing in summer, traditional fishing still prefers to choose a smaller water surface for fishing. The smaller the water surface, the more small fish there may be. However, good results can still be achieved if the method is proper. In summer, crucian carp is not resistant to high temperature, so it is appropriate to fish at the grass edge in the choice of fishing points. This is because aquatic plants are more luxuriant in summer. Compared with grass holes that are not “ventilated”, larger grass seams or the junction of aquatic plants and open water are the better choices. Or choose shady positions such as under big trees and piers. First of all, there are more crucian carp in these fishing spots, and second, traditional fishing is the only way to play.

The matching of fishing groups is naturally the classic seven-star floating fishing group. The fishing rod does not need to be too long, 7 or 8 hand rods are enough. The fishing line should be within 3 meters. The advantage is that the line is short and the hook is accurate. Whoever uses it knows. The fishing line can be 0.8 or 1.0, but it should not be too thick. It is not only difficult to operate after hanging grass, but also easy to catch crucian carp and the fish mouth will be much thinner. With 6 or 7 seven-star drift, one small fish ditch with barbs on the thin strip, roughly around the 4th or 5th of the sleeve hook, should not be too small. A mung bean-sized lead pendant is wrapped 1 or 2 cm away from the fishhook, requiring that the weight of the lead pendant is greater than the buoyancy of the float. When fishing, the lead pendant lies on the bottom of the water. Although lying on the bottom of the water, it is very light and sensitive. Match the fishing group well, choose the fishing point well, and begin to prepare the nest and bait.

Second, making nests and baiting

We introduced the bait from the beginning, using the simplest rice bait. There are many ways to make rice bait, but they are all very simple. The main thing is to steam the rice first. The rice needs to be harder, so it is better to hook. Generally speaking, the leftovers from the day before are the best. To prevent the leftovers of one night from evaporating some water, to make the rice grains more elastic and better linked. Rice grains are hard or too soft to be linked. White rice can be used directly or slightly processed when fishing. Half-night leftovers, add a few drops of honey and koji, stir. Cover the plastic wrap, put it in the refrigerator for one night and use it the next day.

The nest material is mainly wine rice, and wine rice is also the nest material that does not recruit small fish. There are many formulas, so this will not be introduced much. Choose a good fishing point. Choose 3 or 5 fishing points so that it is convenient to take turns fishing. Each nest is filled with half of the wine and rice with a nest-making device, and 2 or 30 rice grains are added to make the nest. When in place, wait for the dens to make their nests. It should be noted that the traditional fishing of crucian carp does not pay attention to starting fishing immediately, and it often waits for the dens to start fishing before fishing. There are two reasons. One is that the grain of wine and rice is small, and crucian carp is difficult to eat. The other is that crucian carp eats in groups, and the crucian carp eaten will also attract other crucian carp, so there is no need to hook in a hurry.

When fishing, hang a rice grain on the fishhook, gently hang it into the fishing point, and wait for the big crucian carp to eat the hook. Rice bait has a light taste and is often not eaten by smaller crucian carp, so the speed of serving fish is slow, but it is often served by larger crucian carp. Fishing crucian carp in summer, rice or wine soaking wheat grains are all good bait. If these two kinds of bait are used for Taiwan fishing, the method of leveling water fishing for purposes 1 and 2 can be used. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!