Last summer, there were frequent explosions of protection, but this year there were frequent air forces. What should I do?

It’s summer now, and the fish’s activity has completely recovered. According to the fishing experience in previous years, it should be good to fish now. Take my side (Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces) for example! At this time last year, fish were still very easy to catch, and “explosive protection” still occurred from time to time. However, the actual situation this year is quite different. A large number of fishing friends have often lingered on the edge of the “air force” since long summer (this is not an example around me).
Last Sunday, because of the rain, I didn’t go fishing and talked about this topic with several familiar fishing friends. Let’s express our opinions! As for the reason why fish are becoming more and more difficult to catch, more and more people still think that it is caused by human factors. However, we also agree that even if it is difficult to catch fish now, it can still be improved after adjustment (6 points are summarized).
Just when I left work in the afternoon, I happened to meet two fishing friends (we chatted together that night) and just came back from fishing. After asking, they said that they had tried according to the points we summarized together last time, and today’s harvest was still good. Today, I will talk about how to break the “dilemma” as a fisherman.
At this time, many fishing friends’ fish guards have not gone into the water.
As the saying goes, “Know your enemy and yourself, and you will win every battle.” This sentence is also suitable for fishing. Since we know that fish are not easy to catch now, we must have a general understanding of why fish are not easy to catch so as to deal with it flexibly.
This season, fishing is often the “air force” reason
In summer, the activity of fish has completely recovered. According to common sense, fish should be good at fishing, but most of the time it is caused by human factors.
Electrician and network work lead to
A few days ago, I went fishing. I arrived at the fishing point at 5 o’clock in the morning. I didn’t catch a few white stripes until 9 o’clock in the morning. At about 10 o’clock, a fishing friend came and asked, “is the fish mouth not good today?, last night saw someone in electric fish”. Only after listening did we suddenly realize.
Over the years, I have met too many electricians and networkers. Where they “worked”, the fish mouth was very poor in a short period of time. Especially in the waters that have been electrified, it is very difficult to catch fish without more than 3 days.
Unreasonable fishing methods lead to
When it comes to anchor fish, I believe many fishing friends are familiar with it. It used to be the kind of hook with three claws, four claws and six claws, and the probability of luring fish or catching fish was very low. However, with the development of science and technology, visual anchor fish has appeared now, and the cost is not very high. This way of anchoring fish is very powerful, because there are cameras that can see the underwater situation, they can easily find fish schools.
One Sunday in April, when I went to my friend’s house to play, I met such an anchor fish man. I asked him, “Is there a big chance of fish in this anchor fish?” He said: “Not very much, there is a half chance.” And not far away, I saw three fish anchors using such fish anchoring tools, which made my teeth itch. Hey! If there are many cases in a water area, it is even more difficult to fish with a hand pole.
Visual anchor fish is very dangerous to fish.
In addition, there is longline fishing. This fishing method is usually used on the large water surface, but now many people use this fishing method on the small water surface, blocking all a small river. It is strange that the fish in this place are easy to catch.
Then there is the fishing rod array, with more than a dozen or two throwing rods arranged in a row, and many of them are still hung with string hooks. This way of fishing on large water surfaces is often encountered on many small water surfaces. Fish in such waters are also difficult to catch.
Wild fishing resources are increasingly scarce, resulting in
The shortage of wild fishing resources is a problem that people have to face squarely. Think of those small ditches and rivers when we were young after the 1980s. Where are not flocks of fish? Even if you go down the river to touch it, you can touch a few. Now you try to go down the river again. You are half dead and can’t get a fish.
Many reasons for the increasing shortage of wild fishing resources are man-made. For example, the above-mentioned overfishing, electric fish, fried fish, medicinal fish, and sewage discharged into rivers are all the reasons that directly lead to the increasing shortage of wild fishing resources.
Of course, there is also the reason for the “air force”, which is our fishermen’s own fishing skills. For example, when fishing cannot be reasonably selected, fishing adjustment is incorrect, fishing point selection is unreasonable, etc.
In fact, there are many reasons for the “Air Force”. However, I personally think that the above four points are the most important factors, because these factors are the key to directly affect the living habits of fish. You do! There are few fish in the water, and the fish are very alert. It is even more difficult for you to catch fish than to climb the sky.
Human factors lead to increased vigilance of fish,
The above introduces the main key factors that make fish difficult to catch at this time. Then the question arises: Can’t we fishermen fish when we encounter a “dilemma”? Not really. The following 6 points are the points we summed up that night, and several fishing friends have already practiced them and have achieved results. Share it for the reference of fishing friends:
Faced with this “dilemma”, how should fishermen break it?
1. Choose reasonable weather for fishing
It is very important to look at the sky when fishing. Because the weather is one of the most important factors affecting the fish mouth. What kind of weather is suitable for fishing? Generally speaking, the air pressure is 1,000 hPa, there is wind (preferably no more than level 3), and it is best to choose cloudy day (the air pressure should be enough!, sunny days are also possible!) Of course! A little rain is best.
Before fishing, I will definitely look at the weather first. I will go fishing if it is appropriate and rest if it is not appropriate. Because of the weather, the influence on fish is too great. Now the mobile phone is very convenient, and the general weather forecast software is OK.
2. Choose how far and how deep to fish
Perhaps some fishing friends think that fishing in summer should be close! This is really good. Originally, fishing in summer should have been done sooner or later, and it was best to catch near. But, you want to! There must be a reason why the “air force” is often used at this time. If it is not the weather, it is probably man-made. Far shore and deep water are the places where fish think they are safer.
For the first time after long summer and I, several fishing friends used 2.7/3.6 meters of fishing rods, but one of them used 4.5 meters of fishing rods and finally caught him more than the rest of us combined.
In fact, this kind of situation also happens from time to time, especially for fishing friends who like to use two fishing rods (one long and one short). Generally speaking, the fish mouth of the long rod and the fish caught are often larger than those of the short rod.
If you try to catch deep and far under the condition of frequent “air force”, the effect is often good.
3. Choose Night Fishing
It is now summer, the temperature is high during the day and cooler at night, which is a good time for night fishing. We know that night fishing has many advantages, and one of the biggest advantages is that fish are relaxed in vigilance and easy to pull over, which provides us with good fishing opportunities. Therefore, if the “air force” is often used during the day, try not to prevent night fishing. I believe the effect will be better than that during the day.
In addition, when fishing at night, due to the weak light around, you must pay attention to your own safety!
4. Choose light rain or fishing after rain.
In the four seasons of the year, it may rain in summer and early autumn for fishing. Because it rains at this time, it not only brings rich food and oxygen to the fish, but also brings coolness to the fish in the water. They will be more active and bite more fiercely at this time. Especially when there is intermittent rain (the rainfall is not large and the rain stops) and it clears up after the rainstorm, the fishing effect is better.
At this time now, if you encounter this kind of situation (if you have time), don’t try it, maybe you will have a good catch!
It is good to fish
5. Spacing
Muddy water goes to the night nest after rain.
Playing “overnight nest” may only be used when some fishing friends seem to be big fish. In fact, this kind of nest-making method is also good when the continuous fish mouth is not good. (but preferably in still water)
Anyway, fish still have to eat, right? Only for some reasons, they are not active in foraging during the day, and overnight nesting can just aim at this point and induce fish to form foraging habits (when hungry, they will think of this place).
6, can’t die, etc.
Generally speaking, when fishing in summer, if there is no fish mouth for more than an hour, it is necessary to analyze the reasons and never die. Most of the time, there is no mouth for one hour, even after another hour, there is still no mouth. After all, the temperature is high at this time, the smell of bait spreads faster and farther, and the range of fish foraging has obviously increased.
In addition, make more nests (make nests together) before fishing. This nest has no mouth. You can try another nest. If there are fish stars, try fishing first, then make nests, and use more methods of teasing fishing. These are all good ways to effectively reduce the probability of “air force”.
The above six points were summed up by several of our old fishing friends together last time, and several items have been confirmed. Although it is difficult to catch fish now, it is not that we cannot catch fish and do not fish passively. It is the most effective fishing method today in the face of increasingly scarce resources.
When fishing in summer, don’t wait for death. Only when you are flexible and changeable can you get a good catch.
Extended reading:
We know that there is more rain in summer. However, during the period before rain, the air pressure is often low. If you fish at this time, you need to pay attention and never stick to the rules.
If there is no fish mouth at the bottom of the fishing, you can first use flying lead (semi-flying lead) to try if the fish floats up. If flying lead is used, the frequent appearance of the interface indicates that the fish has floated upward. At this time, it is necessary to find a suitable fish layer to choose fishing float.
Write at the end
To sum up, there are many factors leading to the “air force”, and the probability caused by human factors is often the greatest. Although it is not easy to catch fish at this time than last year, it is not impossible to catch fish, as long as it is adjusted reasonably. Before fishing, ask more (fishing friends or people nearby), look more at the weather (whether the weather is suitable for fishing or not), try more (try fishing first), etc. These are all good ways to effectively solve the “dilemma” (brought by the “Air Force”). To sum up, there is only one sentence: fishing now, one must not go fishing passively, flexible response is the best policy.
Facing the current situation that fish are difficult to catch, flexible response is the best policy.