Needless to say, this crucian carp fishing method is the most domineering in summer fishing.

Recently, a strange phenomenon was found: with the continuous rise of temperature, the crucian carp we caught became smaller and smaller. At first, we thought it was a different fishing method, but other fishing friends were all in the same situation. Sometimes I wonder, don’t you think that in the hot summer, crucian carp doesn’t eat?
In fact, this is not the case. Just yesterday, I found an old fisherman. Although his fishing gear and equipment are a little bad, his fishing skills are very high. It is said that he fishes at least six times a week. Later, he told me that the reason why the fish catch is good is entirely due to the following three routines.
1. Looking for Geomantic Treasure Land
In fact, what the old-timers called “geomantic treasure land”, It is nothing more than the fishing position in our mouth. Fishers all know that all fish have the characteristics of “three trends”. Every year in hot summer, some crucian carp with larger individuals swim from shallow water to deep water. Just like us human beings, they like to bask in the sun outdoors when cold and just want to spend the summer in the house or under big trees when hot.
Therefore, with the continuous rise of the temperature, the water level at the fishing point will also increase with the increase, mainly fishing in deep water. As for the specific choice, the edge of aquatic plants, the water inlet or some sunshade can be considered.
2. Match bait nest material
In addition, when we find a golden fishing position, we must not rush down the pole to fish. First, we must detect the water depth and measure both sides of the fishing point for him. Only when there are no obstacles at the bottom of the water can we make a nest to lure fish.
Of course, no matter fishing what fish, the nest must be targeted. For example, when fishing crucian carp, you can simply use grain bait such as wine, rice and wheat grains. However, in order to improve the speed of luring fish, you can also add a small amount of powder bait or chicken feed.
3. Bait adjustment and adjustment
As for bait, I personally think it is better to use bait such as grain fragrance or faint fragrance. Although crucian carp has a miscellaneous diet, with the increase of temperature, the situation of small miscellaneous fish making hooks becomes more and more serious, so it is not necessary to use fishy smell. After all, in this season, the bigger the individual, the more fishes like light bait.
In addition, in the aspect of fishing adjustment, it is suggested to use the mode of lowering the fishing height and blunting the fishing. Although the fishing spirit can enhance the floating phase transmission, the fishing spirit is too good, which will inevitably lead to the situation that the mouth cannot be caught.