Taiwan fishing encountered small miscellaneous fish making a nest, which solved the problem and made it more simple and practical.

Every holiday, for those who like fishing, it can be said that they are extremely busy, preparing equipment, choosing fishing spots, escaping from the bustling city and devoting themselves to the quiet and fresh nature. Waving a fishing rod, a beautiful fish flies out of the water from time to time, not to mention how comfortable it is. Perhaps this is the greatest charm of leisure wild fishing.

Leisure wild fishing does have its unique charm, beautiful environment, different fish species, each pole is an expectation, because you will never know that there will be what surprises or accidents in the next pole. Having said the charm of leisure wild fishing, then we have to talk about some of the most troublesome things of leisure wild fishing. First, it is running water, second, the bottom is uneven, third, there are aquatic plants and moss on the bottom, and fourth, small miscellaneous fish make nests. I think this is also the most troublesome thing for every friend who likes casual wild fishing.
As a senior fishing enthusiast, I think fishermen are very patient and adaptable. In case of what difficulties, we can basically cope with them, just like walking in water, we have learned the methods of running lead, double lead and stuffy rod fishing. The bottom of the water is uneven. Before learning to fish, I used heavy lead to find the bottom and find a relatively flat place in advance. There are moss and aquatic plants at the bottom of the water. I learned to clean them up with self-made tools, or to fish directly from the bottom. There is still the last small fish nest. The solutions can be said to be various, but most of the time the effect is very little. Today we will talk about how to solve the small fish nest.

What are the conventional solutions for small fish to make nests?

① Bait adjustment method.
When small fish make a nest, we often adjust the bait first. We will make the bait sticky or hard to reduce the atomization of the bait. The taste type of bait will also be lightened or particles will be directly used for fishing.
(2) Fishing blunt method.
There are too many small fish in the dens and the noise is too fierce. Often there will be too many floating signals and it is difficult to catch the mouth. Therefore, the blunt fishing method is often adopted, and even the lead blunt fishing method is directly used for fishing.
(3) Use large drift method.
If you use floats that eat a large amount of lead, the lead pendant will be heavier, so that you will take the hook bait to the bottom quickly, making the top small miscellaneous fish such as white stripes unable to catch the hook bait. The signal transmitted by floating with a large amount of lead will also be relatively blunt, and it can filter out the signals of some small miscellaneous fish floating.
④ Hook and line method.
When some fishing friends are really troubled by small miscellaneous fish, they often change the hook to be bigger and the line group to be thicker. The purpose is very simple: let the small fish make trouble, but they can’t eat it anyway, waiting for the target big fish to eat.
⑤ Transfer nesting method.
This method is still relatively simple and practical. I have used it many times and the effect is not bad. It is to put some powder bait with light weight and heavy taste (essence can be mixed with fried bran) about one meter next to the dens so as to transfer the target of small fish and attract small fish away from the positive dens.
These are several ways to avoid small fish, and they are also commonly used by fishing friends. As for the effect, there may be some, but it can also be said that there are both advantages and disadvantages.

Why do you say that conventional methods have both advantages and disadvantages?

(1) Adjust the advantages and disadvantages of bait method.
The bait is sticky or hard to open, reducing the atomization of the bait, reducing the taste of the bait or using particles for fishing. To a certain extent, it is indeed possible to avoid some small miscellaneous fish. But if we fish crucian carp, it will not have too good effect. First of all, the import of bait will not be good. If the atomization is reduced and the taste type is lightened, the effect of luring fish will naturally be much worse. If even small fish cannot be luring, how can we talk about luring big fish?
(2) the advantages and disadvantages of fishing blunt method.
The advantage of blunt fishing is that it can effectively filter out some messy signals and focus on the real mouth. However, if you catch too bluntly, you will also slow down your catch a lot, miss many effective fish mouths, and eventually catch a lot less.
(3) Advantages and disadvantages of using large drift method.
Using a float that eats a lot of lead can make the hook bait go to the bottom quickly and make the small miscellaneous fish unable to catch it. However, the signal transmitted by itself will be much blunt. If the fishing adjustment is not reasonable, even if the target fish eats it, it will be difficult for you to catch it accurately.
④ Advantages and disadvantages of big hook and big line method.
With big hooks and big lines, although small miscellaneous fish cannot be eaten, the target fish is also difficult to eat. The final result was that the target fish was not caught, nor was the small miscellaneous fish caught, and the direct air force.
⑤ Advantages and disadvantages of transferring the method of making nests.
Although the method of transferring the nest-making can successfully attract the small miscellaneous fish, it will often attract the target fish in my nest, which does more harm than good.
This is why I say that the conventional method has both advantages and disadvantages. You just think about how to stop the small fish, but have you considered your target fish? In fact, it is not the key to avoid small fish when small fish make a nest. How to lure the target fish into the nest is the key.

Why is it that avoiding small fish is not the key, and luring the target fish into the dens is the key?

We can think from another perspective. The most indispensable thing in the wild fishing environment is small miscellaneous fish, especially when it is hot. As long as you use bait and only you have taste, then you can’t avoid small fish, and those who can enter the nest are basically small fish. If you don’t even have small fish when fishing outdoors, let alone what big fish. Where there are no small fish and many big fish, they are called fish ponds and black pits.
There have always been small fish in the dens, which means that there are basically no big fish and no target fish in your dens. Or there are few target fish. The simplest way to stop the small fish is to lure your target fish into your dens, and there must be more. As long as the target fish enter the nest in groups, the small fish will naturally disperse in a hubbub. Therefore, don’t always blame the small fish for making trouble in the nest. Instead of thinking about various ways to make the small fish stop making trouble, it is better to think more about how to lure the target fish into the nest. In my opinion, it is not a bad thing for what to make small fish nest.

Why is it not a bad thing to say that small fish make a nest?

Through the small fish nest, you can clearly tell me that there are no big fish, no target fish, or the number of big fish and target fish in my nest is very small. However, when the small fish that had made a lot of noise suddenly stopped making noise, it reminded me that it might be the big fish that entered the nest. At this time, one must be prepared in one’s heart. One’s eyes will never leave the drift and one’s hands will never leave the pole. One must always wait for the big fish to eat the hook and lift the pole to stab the fish. Isn’t this very good?

You can also try these two methods when small fish make a nest.

(1) Fishing small lure method.
The small fish have been making trouble in the nest all the time. It is also said that there are no big fish in the nest or the number is too small. So here we don’t need to catch the target fish first. Even if the small hook and thin line are used to catch small miscellaneous fish first, it is actually quite interesting to catch small miscellaneous fish, just like white stripes, sole catfish and wheat ears, which are basically connected with the pole continuously, and it is also quite enjoyable to pull them up. Moreover, you have been pulling bait and hitting frequency, so there will be atomization all the time. Although more small miscellaneous fish will be lured in this way, the target fish will also be lured into your dens. Once swarms of target fish enter the nests, the small fish will naturally go away. At this moment, I am changing the hooks and thread groups back. The advantage of this fishing is that at least it can ensure that you can catch fish. If you only think about avoiding small fish and the big fish does not enter the nest in the end, wouldn’t it be that what did not catch it either? It does more harm than good to attend to one thing and lose another.
(2) the extreme method of attacking poison with poison.
If there are too many small fish and you are upset, you don’t want to catch small fish either. Then you can make the nest directly, and add some particles to the powder bait with larger taste type. This will lure more small miscellaneous fish, but it will also lure big fish into the nest quickly. After making a nest, you can just drink some water and have a cigarette to rest. Calm down my agitated state of mind, drink water and smoke while watching the movement around the dens and the dens. It will be much better for me to go fishing when I find big fish soaking.

Final summary

It’s not a bad thing for small fish to float, it depends on how you think. If even small fish cannot be lured into the nest, how can we talk about luring big fish into the nest? When small fish make a nest, we should not think about how to avoid small fish, but how to lure your target fish into the nest in groups. This is the most correct way of thinking and method. If there is no target fish in the dens, even if there is no small fish, it is useless. Moreover, floating is just like fixing the sea needle. It does not move like a mountain. You feel even more miserable!