The way to lure fish in fishing is to make scientific nests to lure fish in groups. Don’t believe it, one catch at a time!

Fishing, pay attention to lure and fishing, through a certain method to gather fish first, fish into the nest before fishing. The way to gather fish is nothing more than to make a nest, but how to make a nest is definitely important. It is necessary to consider the situation of the fish and the environment of the fishing grounds. It is also to make nests. In fact, it can be more scientific. Summarize some experiences of nesting and introduce different nesting routines from the perspective of fishing grounds, hoping to help all fishing friends.

I. Fishing Ground

1. Fishing for Rivers

Fishing in rivers is the most important thing about the effect of retaining fish, because the flowing water will wash away the bait. To have a good effect of luring and retaining fish, one needs to work hard on the nest material or on the nest-making technique. As far as possible, large particles or even massive nest materials should be used for nest materials. It is advisable that they cannot be washed away by running water. Only when the nest materials can be retained can fish be lured. Fishing in rivers is still mainly in Hui Bay, with many fish and slow water flow. The recommended ones are large grain nest materials such as corn kernels and massive nest materials such as bean cake pieces. Fishing for running water is still a unique skill among the people. For example, chaff lumps and rice are fried until brown, beaten into powder, mixed with glutinous rice porridge, made into lumps, inserted into a hole, and used after drying in the shade. Put on the rope to make a nest, pull it back to dry after fishing, and continue to use it next time. There are also folk bean cake flip board fishing and box lunch hooks, which are good ways to fish for running water.

2. Diaoyu Reservoir

There are few fish in the reservoir, and there are many small fish and few big fish. Two points should be paid attention to when fishing in the reservoir. One is that it has a lasting fish luring effect, because there are few big fish, it must be slow to enter the nest. The other is that there are many small fish, so it is necessary to reduce the noise of small fish in the nest. Therefore, Diaoyu Reservoir pays attention to the large proportion of coarse-grained nest materials, and the quantity must be absolutely sufficient. Big fish eat a lot, which is very different from fishing crucian carp. There is no need to worry that the fish will be full. Therefore, bean cake crumbs and soaked corn kernels are commonly used in reservoirs. In Taiwan fishing, there is a saying that luring and fishing are integrated. What is emphasized is that the taste type of nest material and bait should be unified, and even the nest should be used to lure fish by rubbing large bait. However, this is absolutely not possible for fishing grounds such as reservoirs.

3. Heikeng

Black pits are not allowed to make nests. At most, lead belts are allowed to make nests with bait. Even some black pits are not allowed to make nests. Therefore, fish gathering in black pits mainly depends on loose guns and hemp balls. The loose gun uses atomized dry loose bait, pinch it on the outside of the sticky soft bait, and blasting it into water to form a larger atomized fish luring belt, which can achieve the effect of quickly gathering fish. The same is true of hemp balls. The bait is dipped in pellet feed to enhance the purpose of gathering fish. However, loose guns or sesame balls are very similar to traditional food-wrapped fishing and rice dipping fishing. These two bait methods in traditional fishing are also better ways to make nests. For example, food fishing, earthworm dipping in powder and maltose dipping in wine and rice, the advantage of this kind of fishing while luring fish is that the fish will catch more and more, and there is no need to mend the nest during this period, which can prevent improper mend the nest to death and has the effect of long flow of water.

Second, several interesting alternative nesting methods

Finally, I will summarize some interesting nest-making skills I have used or seen and share them with all fishing friends. 1, fishing carp, no matter what nest material is added with some shore soil, twist into a ball to make a nest. Because carp like to look for food under the water, making nests can leave food for carp. 2. Coal cinder plus pork liver mud is a nesting method for catching yellow catfish. It has a strong fishy smell and has a very good fish luring effect. However, coal cinder pricks into the mouth, making yellow catfish unable to enter the mouth, but it can retain fish instead. 3, gauze bag, net bag nest material nest, this is also a more common method. If you fish with string hooks, you can have poor ability to lure fish. You can prepare a small plastic bottle, poke many holes, put some nest materials and lead pendants in it.

The above are the relevant fish luring skills, hoping to help all fishing friends. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!