Wild fishing in summer is a few ways to kill small fish in their nests. Small fish schools can easily fight big fish!

Summer is the craziest season for small fish, but some fishing friends like to catch big fish, and some fishing friends also like to pull small fish. Fishing big fish has the pleasure of catching big fish, and pulling small fish has the pleasure of pulling small fish. I have to say that fishing friends who like to pull small fish are definitely food. From the perspective of catching big fish, talk about how to catch big fish in small fish schools. If you look at these skills in reverse, it will become a matter for attention in pulling small fish. I hope this article is helpful to fishing friends who like to catch big fish or pull small fish.

First, use bait

Small fish like bait with strong taste. Small fish have a developed sense of smell and strong swimming ability. The first fish to reach the fishing point is always small fish. In fact, this has a great relationship with the large list of fish although small. In addition, small fish eat in groups, which will easily lead to groups of small fish entering the nest wherever there is some food. Therefore, we should first pay attention to the taste type when using bait. Light taste type can appropriately reduce the noise of small fish, but it cannot fundamentally reduce the noise of small fish. The key also lies in the state and shape of the bait.

In terms of state, the first step is to increase the specific gravity and the second step is to reduce atomization. The purpose of increasing the specific gravity is to make the bait mass heavier and can quickly pass through the small fish layer. If the bait is relatively light, takes a long time to reach the designated position, and sinks slowly, it is easy to be caught by small fish. A few small fish chew on a few mouthfuls, and there will be no residue on the hook after reaching the designated position. Not only can no fish be caught, but also the effect of luring fish in nests cannot be achieved. In fact, the fundamental purpose of reducing the atomization of the bait is to make the bait more sticky. Even if the small fish catch up with the bait, it is not easy to remove the bait ball. The bait ball can reduce the influence of the small fish.

In addition to using flour bait, some homemade grain bait is used more in summer. For example, corn grains, wheat grains and other grain bait, the biggest advantage of this kind of bait is that small fish can’t bite and are not easy to eat, and it is also the food that big fish prefer to eat in summer. Although the wheat grains are relatively small, it seems that they cannot prevent the small fish from eating, in fact, the small fish cannot bite at all, and hanging the wheat grains can be easy to the end even in the small fish school. Therefore, the bait used in the summary can be summarized by not catching up, tearing off or biting. The bait can be normal to the end. As the bait slowly accumulates at the bottom, the small fish will stop making noise after the big fish enter the nest.

Finally, there are some special flavor types of bait that small fish don’t like very much, such as foul smell and sour bait. For example, bait such as smelly corn and smelly rice is not only liked by small fish in taste type, but also bait that cannot be bitten or pulled. However, the more special bait methods are hemp balls and wrapping food. The biggest characteristic of these two bait methods is that the bait ball is very heavy and fast. After the bait ball enters the water, powdery or granular bait is scattered and eaten by small fish, but this is only a very small part of the bait ball. Therefore, both food-wrapping fishing and bait-pulling and gun-scattering have better atomization, but they can still prevent small fish from making nests, which also verifies our first point. The essence of reducing atomization and preventing small fish from making nests is to prevent bait from being removed and to the end.

II. Fishing Method

Prevent small fish from making a nest in fishing methods? In fact, the fishing method cannot prevent the small fish from making a nest, but we adopt a rather proud and special fishing method to prevent the small fish from eating, but in essence it cannot prevent the small fish from making a nest. For example, running lead fishing, sleeping lead fishing, double lead fishing and other fishing methods of lead falling on the bottom simply increase the difficulty of floating movements. Small fish still make noise again, but floating does not show. Big fish eat big movements and can pull lead falling and floating, so that floating phase can come out. In the words of the old fishing driver, it is the merit-based admission, and it is the big fish that can make the float move. However, I have to say that the lead pendants of these three lead fishing methods are very heavy and the bait is very fast.

Therefore, the essence of preventing small fish from making a nest lies in letting the bait go to the end and avoiding the interception and killing of small fish in the middle and upper layers. The key point of catching small fish is to reduce the sinking speed of the bait so that the small fish can easily catch up with the bait, which is naturally more suitable for catching small fish. For example, pulling bait, light bait and flying lead fishing are basically some unique skills for pulling small fish. Finally, there is another trick. The small fish in the dens are crazy and lasting. After hanging bait, they can often catch big fish near the dens 1 or 2 meters away from the dens. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!