You can’t catch big fish in natural waters in summer. Learn the experience of these three words.

After the arrival of summer, many fishermen waded across mountains and rivers in search of waters where they could fish. As the weather is getting hotter and hotter, fishermen can be said to get up early and be greedy for black. They are either fishing or on their way to fishing. They catch more and more fish and get better and better. However, fishing friends are not satisfied. In summer, fishermen are eager to catch big fish! Although summer is extremely hot, the weather and water temperature are very suitable for the growth of fish, and fish need a lot of foraging, thus greatly increasing the probability of fishermen catching fish, especially large individuals. Every fisherman is eager to catch big fish, especially in the face of natural waters. With the excessive consumption of resources, there are fewer and fewer big fish in natural waters. Usually, wild fish weighing more than 10 kg can be called big fish. After all, natural waters are not managed and it is not easy for fish to grow up. How can big fish be caught in natural waters?
For fishing in natural waters, it is difficult for most fishermen to catch large fish. Fishers all know that there are quite a lot of fish in natural waters, but for large individuals, most of them are carp, grass carp, herring, etc. Of course, silver carp and bighead carp in some natural waters are also quite large, and it is difficult to catch in real natural waters. For wild fishing of big fish, many fishing friends have seen it. Some masters can always catch videos of big fish and can easily catch dozens of catties of big fish. For wild fishing, they always share what kind of bait and fishing tackle they have. Is it really so easy to catch big fish in natural waters?
Fishing friends can always see videos of masters catching big fish, For us old fishermen who fish in the wild, we always think it is a problem of resources. In fact, you find that there are no natural waters where masters fish. Why are there so few fishermen? Some look at the natural waters where fishermen are few. It looks like the natural waters where wild fishermen fish. It is not really so natural, but the natural waters managed by some people. You pay for fishing, Some people in such natural waters have contracted to release fish fry. And fish feed will be put in, At the same time, in order to ensure the water quality, Basically, it is not allowed to catch silver carp and bighead carp. In real natural waters, fishing friends can take away any kind of fish as long as they can catch it. Of course, except for the national protected fish, the skills of many fishing masters do not work if they want to catch big fish in the wild. Therefore, fishing friends should sum up their experience as much as possible and use less of the fishing skills of masters.
STEP 1 Find Fish
In recent years, more and more friends like fishing, and the team of wild fishing friends is growing stronger and stronger. Many fishing friends patronize the natural waters that are really free of charge every day. Although there are abundant fish in natural waters, the density of fish schools is quite small, and big fish are also rare. It is not easy to catch fish with large individuals. After summer warms up, fishermen must first choose fishing positions to catch big fish in natural waters. The focus of fishing positions is to find the waters where big fish haunt.
It is not easy for big fish in natural waters to grow. Wild big fish have certain living rules in every season to certain individuals. In any natural waters, different fish have their own living rules! In the summer, Large fish in natural waters are mainly foraging, Mainly looking for the place where fish food is located in the waters, Large fish in natural waters have a variety of foods, Most of them feed on the roots and stems of plants such as fermented products and falling fruits under the water. It is best to choose the vicinity of quiet waters with less inhabited vegetation. Special attention should be paid to the fact that big fish like to forage in quiet waters. In summer, they spend a lot of time hiding in deep water areas and also choose to forage in complex shallow waters far away from the shore, which is conducive to the safe growth of big fish.
Before fishing, when looking for the waters where the big fish are located, the first thing to consider is the waters where the fish feed. The big fish are not as active as the small fish. The water temperature, air pressure and oxygen content in the water in summer are not as important as food. The big fish are either foraging or hiding in safe waters. Whether in natural waters, It is also an artificially managed semi-natural water area. It is especially important to look for the water area where big fish are found to feed. The big fish in artificially managed natural waters are usually near the water area where they are fed at fixed points. Some natural waters have net cage culture, and big fish also feed under net cages. As fishermen, they should first know the characteristics of natural waters, find out the water regime and fish situation in the waters, and then consider fishing!
Step 2 Lure fish
Fishing for big fish in natural waters is different from fishing for small fish. The range of activities of big fish is relatively large. After we choose a good fishing position, the big fish is likely to move in the waters near the dens where we fish. If fishermen want to catch it, they must lure the big fish to the dens so that they can catch it. Anglers usually lure fish by making nests, What kind of nest material is used to make the nest has become the key to lure fish. After all, different fish like different nest materials. Wild big fish in natural waters have a wide range of food habits. Many fishing friends will choose fermented corn or coarse cereals to make the nest. In fact, the most important thing to make the nest is to choose according to the water regime in natural waters, and there is no specific universal nest material.
Of course, it is also possible to make nests at fixed points for a long time. Let the big fish be familiar with and forage, feed at a certain period of time every day, and regularly feed the same bait. For example, if you put in fermented old corn, you will put in fermented old corn that week, and the big fish will gradually become familiar with and get used to foraging such nest materials. This is also what fishermen often call “raising nests”, so it is only a matter of time before catching the big fish.
Step 3: Keep the fish
In natural waters, fishing for big fish depends on guarding. Influenced by Taiwan fishing and competitive fishing, many fishing friends habitually use Taiwan fishing frequency to catch big fish. There are also many masters who catch big fish by frequency throwing rods. However, this is the most undesirable fishing method. First of all, you should understand that the number of big fish in the natural waters for fishing is small, and the wild big fish are quite cautious and timid. You should not expect the big fish in the natural waters to meet in groups. You should choose good bait according to different target fish, keep fishing as quietly as possible, and of course throw a few sea poles to wait for the big fish to take the bait.
There are few big fish in natural waters. Try not to have the frequency of Taiwan fishing for fishing. Remember to keep a little big fish on guard. Keep the fishing quiet as far as possible and put the mouth properly. Only in this way can we catch big fish in the wild. Wild fishing has different fish situations in different waters. Remember that natural waters and natural waters where people manage and charge fees are very different in fishing methods. Whether you can catch big fish depends entirely on your understanding of natural waters and experience in wild fishing. Some fishing friends think that luck is also the accumulation of fishing time. There is no law for wild fishing, but every natural water area has a certain law for fishing. If you do a good job in details, you will surely catch big fish!