Detailed Explanation of the Most Offensive Fishing Method in Summer-Double Lead Flying Lead Fishing off the Bottom

Hello, fishing friends, I’m Xiao Liu. In the previous two articles, Xiao Liu gave you a detailed introduction to the usage and advantages of the double lead fishing group. Today, we will continue to explain in detail the skills and advantages of the double lead fishing group in summer, so that you can have a more detailed understanding of the double lead fishing method.
Let’s first talk about the advantages of blunt bottom fishing in wild fishing environment.
For casual wild fishermen, floating and flying lead are rarely used for fishing, and most of them are fishing at the bottom. Because in the wild fishing environment, most of the rivers and ditches are mainly composed of crucian carp and carp, and there are few or no fish species such as grass carp, bream and herring.
Therefore, the probability of catching fish will be higher if the bottom is used. However, the most important thing for wild fishing is small miscellaneous fish. Therefore, when fishing at the bottom, the main purpose is to filter out small fish mouths. For example, single lead is used to level water fishing for two or three eyes. This fishing method has the advantages of high medium fish rate and strong relative stability.
Let’s talk about the disadvantage of blunt bottom fishing in wild fishing environment.
The disadvantages of the blunt fishing method of leveling water to catch two or three eyes are also obvious. Due to the weight of lead, the hook bait will be in place quickly after you throw the rod into the water, which cannot play the role of luring fish at the hem. In addition, the double hooks are basically to the end (unless the hook weight is too large and the bait weight is relatively light). If the hook weight is too small, even the eight-character ring will be to the end. This virtually greatly reduces the probability that fish will find bait and will also make you miss many fish mouth signals.
Is there a way to solve this problem? Not only can fish quickly find bait, but also the fishing group can be relatively stable, and a maximum hem can be maintained to lure fish, thus effectively improving the middle fish rate. After a lot of actual combat in wild fishing crucian carp, I would like to share with you the double lead flying lead fishing method I have summarized here without any guarantee. The aim is to let everyone know this fishing method, so that your fishing is not limited to normal single lead fishing bottom.
In summer fishing, try not to stick to the bottom except in the morning and evening.
If you want to take the initiative to attack in fishing, you must choose to fish for floating. However, if we know that the pure water skin is too shallow, then most of the fish are mahjong crucian carp and small crucian carp. It is very difficult for you to catch large plate crucian carp in the water skin and diving layer. Then we want to attack fishing instead of defending it, so we can only choose to catch the bottom. However, when fishing at the bottom, everyone knows that the fish are basically at the bottom in summer, except in the morning and evening. Due to the rising water temperature around noon, the fish will suffer from lack of oxygen and float, or it is difficult to catch when hiding in deep water. If you still catch a fish and stick to the bottom, you may not be able to catch a crucian carp. This is also the fundamental reason why people reflect that crucian carp is not easy to catch this season.
Why is it said that the double lead flying lead fishing method is the most offensive
If there is no time for summer fishing in the morning and evening, but around noon, then we can use the advantage of double lead flying lead to search for fish in the whole water layer, and the effect will often be much better. Moreover, it is not easy to wrap wires with double lead. If single lead and lead are used, once they fly lead, they will be unstable when throwing the pole. First, they will have a disorderly mouth and second, they will have a high probability of winding wires. Double lead solves this problem.
As the lower lead bears part of the weight, the whole fishing group is very stable. If I fly up the lead, I can also reach a full water layer to search for fish. I can search from 5 cm to 30 cm from the bottom. I can not only throw the full pole and use the flying lead hem to lure the fish in front of me into the nest, but also use the loose gun to directly tie the toad and use a bottom loose to control the fish below 30cm from the bottom. In this way, I can search for fish in the whole water layer. With this fishing method, unless there is no target fish at the fishing point, it is difficult for you to catch it.
Application Skills and Floating Adjustment Method of Double Lead Flying Lead Fishing Method
If I use double lead flying lead to fish from the bottom, the upper lead accounts for 70% of the total weight of lead and the lower lead accounts for 30%. The reason for this configuration is to make the mouth more beautiful. If you eat one or two mouths of lead alone, the double lead may be a direct black drift. Double lead itself has the function of enlarging the eating movements of fish.
How does that pair of lead adjust fishing? This is also the question that I have been asking in the first two articles. Today here, I will show you my tuning method, which is very simple. That is, double lead with bait to adjust one to two eyes, in fact, it is the same as our single lead double hook with bait to adjust drift. According to one’s fishing habits, one or two eyes are enough. If you have one eye with double lead and bait, then as long as your fishing eye does not exceed one eye, the lower hook will not touch the bottom, and it is all off the bottom. Only when you catch two eyes can you hit the bottom.
Here I will tell you my method. If you adjust one eye with double lead and bait, then find the positions of the two ends first. Then fix the top space bean, which is the position of the bottom. But we are fishing from the bottom, so we just need to pull down and float. As long as the float leaks out one eye, then the lower hook must be lightly off the bottom or touch the bottom. What you have to do is find the fish mouth, 5 cm to 30 cm from the bottom, but this is also the most difficult.
Say at the end
The ultimate purpose of writing this article is to let everyone know the real meaning of this kind of double lead flying lead fishing from the bottom. It is to make use of the stability of double lead. I fly up the upper lead and keep the lower lead at the bottom normally. Then I use a lower hem to lure fish from the bottom. In view of the problem that fish are easy to float in summer, I fish offensively from the bottom. Instead of just keeping the bottom fishing, the catch of this fishing method is far greater than that of single lead fishing method. This is also summed up through a lot of actual combat. Today, I would like to share it with you without reservation. I will know if you can use it.