[Fishing Skills] How to Choose Fishing Position in Fishing? These four factors are crucial

There is a popular saying in fishing circles: seven points of fishing position and three points of fishing skill. The theory of “sitting on the buttocks” is also circulating in the black pit, which shows that the selection of fishing position is the key factor affecting the fish catch. How should the fishing position be chosen? What are the common characteristics of those good fishing positions? Next, let’s analyze in detail the four key factors that affect the fishing position.

1. Fishway
For Taiwan fishing, the choice of fishing position is more important. Taiwan fishing belongs to fixed-point fishing, so there are few fish that are not good at choosing fishing position. Moreover, changing fishing position is also very troublesome and there are too many major equipment. Traditional walking fishing can also make more nests and catch fish wherever it comes out. The first choice for fishing positions is the fishway. The so-called fishway is the only way for fish to cruise regularly. The most typical representative of such fishing positions is Huayuan. The share tip is the part that extends into the water. When the fish cruise for food, they will cruise along the shore at a certain distance. Therefore, the share tip becomes the place where the fish must pass, and this place is the distance that people can reach on the share tip with their hands and poles. Therefore, the share tip is a very good fishway. It is generally believed that the tip of the share tip is the best fishing position, and the left and right sides are slightly worse. Regardless of the choice of Hua Jian in summer, one must first try the water depth. Many Hua Jian are not suitable for fishing in summer because the water depth is insufficient.

II. Temperature
Or water temperature, which is the key factor affecting fish behavior. The water temperature is relatively high in summer. If you want crucian carp and carp, you need to choose a place where the water temperature is suitable for these fish species. Therefore, it is usually the choice of 2. The first is deep water. The typical representative is steep slope. The steep slope has a large drop and the hand pole can easily reach deep water. However, steep slopes are not very safe, so all fishing friends must be cautious when fishing. In order to prevent the nest material from rolling down, large pieces of large grain nest material, such as bean cake pieces, are usually selected. The second category is places that can block direct sunlight. Such places avoid direct sunlight and the water temperature is much cooler. The typical example is the pier, under the shade of trees. However, these places are more suitable for long poles and short lines, so it is definitely necessary to learn traditional fishing. When fishing on the platform, attention should be paid to the dispatching of the throwing rod and the direction of walking the fish. Generally, there will be water running under the pier, and attention should also be paid to the floating adjustment.

3. Oxygen
In summer fishing, dissolved oxygen in water is more important than food, and there will be no fish at the bottom of dissolved oxygen. We all know that dissolved oxygen in water is related to water depth and water flow. Therefore, when fishing in summer, the most typical place with high dissolved oxygen is the water inlet. Due to the injection of flowing water, the dissolved oxygen in this area will be obviously high, so it is a very good fishing position in high temperature season. Of course, fishing in flowing water areas in summer is also the reason. In the same sentence, fishing water should pay attention to drift adjustment and nest making, otherwise fishing is not good. The dissolved oxygen in the water is related to the water depth. The dissolved oxygen in the middle and upper layers is much higher than that in the bottom layer. Therefore, the bottom layer fish will leave the bottom at high temperature in summer. At this time, fishing out of the bottom or fishing floating is also a good choice. Remember to only catch the bottom in summer, especially when fishing grass carp.

Four, food
The factors of fishing food in summer are basically the last, and oxygen and water temperature are the key to survival. The same point where food is abundant is that the water flow will not be too large, otherwise food cannot be deposited. A typical example of such fishing spots is to return to the inner bay of the bay. Food washed to these places will deposit due to the slowdown of water flow. This kind of fishing point is also the best fishing point for night fishing. Fish may not eat during the day, but the water temperature and dissolved oxygen must be appropriate. It is not a big deal to come out and eat at night.