Is it really good to fish after summer floods and heavy rains?

In our usual fishing process, wild fishing has always been the most popular existence in fishing circles. However, as a fisherman, how to catch wild fishing well, how to correctly choose the fishing timing, and how to correctly recognize the allusion of “swelling fish and falling shrimp” are indeed the most important! So how to fish in the wild, especially in the rainy seasons in summer? Here we are going to have a good talk!
In summer fishing, what circumstances are not suitable for fishing?
With the change and alternation of seasons, the season of warm spring and blooming flowers will never return. Wild fishing also changes with the seasons, gradually beginning to become more diverse, and the target species of wild fishing are also increasing. However, will summer really become better for fishing?
In fact, otherwise! I think many fishing friends should have found that in May and June, fish are not so easy to catch! Recently, I have also made inquiries and investigations through various parties. In the past two months, fishing friends in many areas have generally seen the same situation. It is difficult to catch, air force!
So, is it true that fishing in summer, as the allusion says, is it necessary to go fishing with water? Or after the rain?
In fact, fishing in summer is not necessarily good after rising water and rain. Here I have also sorted out several reasons!
Reason 1: Sudden water rise is not suitable for fishing! Because, as the rainfall increases, many water areas will gradually raise the water level due to the rainfall. However, because of our usual fishing habits, the original old nest has become far away or even deep due to the rising water. If we make the nest again at this time, the fish will not be able to adapt for a while, so we cannot lure the fish to come in a short period of time, so this time will not be very good for fishing!
Reason 2: It is not suitable to fish just after the rainstorm! When fishing for bottom fish, some fishermen often choose to go fishing after heavy rain. In fact, it is not easy to catch heavy rain just after it is out of date, because heavy rain often has heavy rainfall, which is easy to cause more noise. This movement is very easy to disturb the fish, because the bottom fish themselves are less daring, so it is relatively difficult to get too close and will habitually go far away and deep water. Therefore, it is not suitable for fishing after heavy rain!
Reason 3: It is not suitable to fish during the water withdrawal period after the water rises! If there is a rise in water, of course there will also be a period of water withdrawal. Because with the rise of the water level, many reservoirs and rivers will choose to open floodgates one after another to ensure the safe water level. At this time, the waters around the country will surge and retreat. At this time, the fish will become more uncomfortable, resulting in the degree that the fish does not open its mouth. At the same time, due to the reason of water discharge, the water movement is serious during fishing, which brings a lot of inconvenience to fishing, and the water movement is also easy to cause the nest to deviate due to the water flow. Therefore, this kind of situation is not easy to fish!
Reason 4: Soaring water makes it easier to bring more food to fish! With the long-term drying up, many waters continue to withdraw water, resulting in the original flooded areas. After being exposed to the water for a long time, it is easy to breed a lot of grass, while the running water caused by heavy rain will bring more food on the shore. More natural food was sent to the fish, so at this time, it was not easy to fish because some of them ate and the fish were chased by running water.
Therefore, fishing will become more difficult in summer, when there are heavy rains and soaring prices. It is also for these reasons that it is difficult to catch fish and many fishing friends often have air forces.
So, fishing in summer, after rain, and when the water rises, what will become good fishing?
Of course, fishing after rising water and rain is really relatively good under certain conditions. However, if you want to fish well, the timing is the key, and how to choose a good fishing timing?
The best timing for fishing is 1: the stable period after the water area soars is suitable for fishing!
In our fishing allusions, there is nothing wrong with the saying “fish in the water, shrimp in the water”, because it is the crystallization of the experience of the old fishermen. However, when fishing in rising water, one must choose the stable water level after rising.
Because, after the water rises, with the water level stabilizing, the fish will gradually get used to the new environment in the next day or two. At the same time, when part of the shore is flooded after the water rises, the grass on the shore is more likely to lure fish because it is soaked and rotted. Therefore, fishing at this time, it will be easier to catch fish if you make some nests properly!
The best time to fish is 2: fishing two hours after the rainstorm ends!
During and after the rainstorm, try to fish one or two hours later.
This time is also chosen for the consideration of fish, because fish also need to adapt, and they themselves like a quieter environment. Therefore, in the hours after the summer rainstorm, the weather will become very comfortable. Not only fish like this weather, but also we fishermen!
At this time, the fish will become more active because they get used to it and can bring more oxygen into the water after rain. So at this time of fishing, make nests as scattered as possible, nest area as large as possible, so that it can be more easily found by fish!
At the end of the article
Fishing in summer, if you are too blind, disappointment will easily outweigh hope. Therefore, after understanding, we must choose a good fishing opportunity, so that fishing will be easier and will not affect our mood because of frequent air force or unsmooth fishing. After all, although fishing is a leisure activity, it is not hard to feel because fishing is not good. Therefore, in order to effectively help everyone, Ah Feng has also sorted out some reasons, hoping to solve the confusion that everyone cannot catch fish well.