There are four kinds of fishing conditions in the early and late summer.

Don’t catch far-reaching

In the morning and evening of the day, in detail, that is, before 10 o’clock in the morning when the penetrating power of sunshine ultraviolet radiation to the water layer has not reached a certain intensity and the water temperature rises rapidly, and after 5 o’clock in the afternoon when the water temperature gradually falls back at the end with the gradual weakening of sunshine ultraviolet radiation. During these two periods of time, shallow water cools down faster than deep water, and oxygen increases faster, making fish “turn back” faster. Therefore, at this time, if you choose the fishing position, you can no longer fish deep or far, otherwise, you will get twice the result with half the effort or even get nothing.

Don’t catch a new nest

In the morning and evening of summer, although fish are also very vivid and swim around in search of food, they still have their range of activities and common rules. That is, the place to visit and the place to eat. The whereabouts of the “tour site” are like nine roads and ten roads in the water. Even if the size is wide and narrow, the “food site” is a detailed shelter where people often guard fishing. Here, due to the temporary feeding from time to time, it has gradually become a fixed “restaurant” for fish. Even if I don’t eat at noon, I will come back at night.

Don’t catch a dark hole

“Dark caves” refer to places where fish are most likely to inhabit and hide, such as large rocks, horizontal tree stumps, trenches and pits, hidden grass and sundries, and piers and stone pits. However, it is often only in winter and early spring that fish like to live in groups here. As soon as the water temperature reaches above 15 ℃ after mid-spring, they will not stay in such nests but wander around.

No fishing wall ridge

“Bikan” is usually located in the middle of a long weir or reservoir, and both sides (or one side) are high banks and steep slopes. The ideal conditions for objective existence are very inconsistent with the scientific concept of fishing in the morning and evening in summer. First of all, the water level is relatively deep, usually at least 4 meters above. In the morning and evening of midsummer, it is not appropriate to fish for such a deep water level. Secondly, there are very few aquatic plants, algae and plankton, and fish will not wander and gather here. Thirdly, there are very few people who choose this position to fish, and they put in very little bait. They have not formed a “fishway” for fish to come here to find food.