Where should I start fishing for big herring in black pits in summer? These skills must be firmly grasped.

Speaking of herring, Everyone likes to catch this kind of goods very much, Because of its large size, The strength is also relatively large, It’s a great sense of accomplishment to catch it, When the water temperature is above 15 degrees, Fishing friends who love to catch herring have set out to catch herring one after another, However, the black pit is different from the lake bank. The herring strength in the lake bank is relatively large, and the black pit is relatively small compared with that in the lake bank. For fishing friends who have not caught too large herring in the lake bank, going to the black pit is the best choice. Today, let’s talk about how to catch the big herring in the black pit.
Many fishing friends have basically never caught herring. Herring ranges from large to small, with the large weighing more than 100 kg and the small weighing more than 10 kg. Let’s take a look at this product first. If we don’t understand, fishing is also blind fishing. Only when we have a goal can we have fun in life.
• Living habits
Herring, has an English name: Mylopharyngodon piceus, I don’t know any fancy ones either. It is Cyprinidae. Its body length can reach 150cm. Herring is generally in the middle and lower layers. It is not very lively and feels a little introverted. It is exactly the same as grass carp. It mainly eats snails, mussels, bugs and shrimps. It is also one of the four largest freshwater fishes in China. Herring is suitable for the water temperature of 20-30 ℃. It dies when the temperature is low and dies when the temperature is high. This product is a bit delicate. Moreover, herring has teeth, which lie in the pharynx of the oral cavity. It eats some shelled animals such as snails, clams and clams, especially in autumn when thieves are greedy.
Black pit herring fishing equipment
• Rod selection
Look at the number of limited rods in our black pit, which are usually used at 4.5 meters or 5.4 meters. If we only catch big herring fish, we need to buy rods specially designed to catch big things. If we don’t catch often, we can choose an 8H fishing rod, which can control the fish and not cut off the line in seconds.
• Fishing line selection
When fishing for such large objects, especially mixed cultured large objects, large carp, large herring and large grass carp, we decide how big the line group is according to the fish news sent by the boss. For example, if the weight is about 10 kg, we can choose 3 +2.5, and if the size is the largest, we can allocate it to 5 +3.4 +3. According to our local fish situation, we do not say that what must be used regularly. Random response is the king.

• Nest material
We can configure corn and raw pond particles for nest materials. Some people say why not use snails to make nests? You use snails to make nests and then use snails to fish? How do you know that fish like to eat what you hook and don’t like what you hit? We beat grains and corn, so as to separate the bait from the nest material. When the fish enter the nest, they will like to eat your snails.
Nest-making skills: We can beat with a nest-making spoon at intervals of three minutes. Don’t beat too much at one time. We can beat ten or eight particles. The sound of particles entering the water makes the fish feel that this is a bait-making machine and the fish will gather. Therefore, this nest-making method is suitable for catching big fish.
• Bait
In front of the bait, snails are actually snails and field snails, but it must be noted that we can hang one hook at a time, crush one piece with pliers, let him leak some meat, and then do not pry open one, so that fish can have multiple choices.
Black pit fishing herring catch mouth
• Dadunkou
As long as the fish do not reject the pond, The boss didn’t do anything to what, The mouth is still very fierce. The big mouth and the big black drift are basically stable, but generally the fish may not have such high activity when the temperature is low, and the herring itself is not particularly active. Sometimes it may occur because of one eye or a light ton. Don’t let go of these mouths. If you focus on the black drift and the black drift, it is not far from the air force.
• Yin drift
In many cases, fish do not like to open their mouths. Swimming back and forth in the nest, the result is not open, sometimes the float gently shade down, when opening the pole, it may encounter shade drift, sometimes it may be small fish noise, if there are small fish in the pond, we can put some loose guns in, let the small fish chase the guns, we can catch the edge of the nest, really not we will adjust, mainly grasp the powerful mouth.
• Intersection
Intersection, when we throw the pole into the water, The float sank slowly, Suddenly there was a powerful next meal, We must fight at this time, If you miss the slip number, Then don’t hit, hit also didn’t, the cut is suddenly come so, when the bait into the mouth, the fish will immediately spit out, run away, so when we fish herring, grass carp, must wait for the cut, or throw the pole into the water after waiting for the float in place after loosening, otherwise you don’t know the mouth.
• Rocket ports
Rocket port, what is called rocket port? Just search the float and it will be dark. At this time, we can wait for about one second. If we don’t come out, we can fight. If we come out immediately, it is really the fish that brings us. It is very, very normal for such a big fish to rub the line. We can wait for one second. We must not anchor the fish. When such a big fish anchors, it is basically tangent or slips to the last fish.
Small Techniques for Herring Fishing
• No mouth
Don’t die when you don’t have a mouth. Throw some particles or corn with a nest spoon, and throw some snails if you can’t, because the fish in the breeding pond basically listen to the sound. When the baiting machine starts to work, bait will be scattered, and the fish are accustomed to the sound.
• Throwing poles
Every time we throw the pole, don’t play too full. If we throw it too far, we can pull it back properly. We must bend our bow as soon as we hit the fish. We must never slip the fish in the nest. We must pull out the nest and then slip the fish. Once the nest is fried, it will be very uncomfortable.
• Fresh fossa
After serving the fish, you must use the nest spoon to supplement a few fewer particles, because serving the fish means that there are fish in your nest. This kind of fish eats more, and after serving the fish, it may disturb the nest. At this time, throwing some particles to appease the mood of other fish will greatly increase our catch.