Carassius auratus has a characteristic that many people do not know. Make good use of this characteristic to explode and protect it.

The old fisherman tried the “folk prescription” of catching crucian carp himself and almost failed to catch all the crucian carp in a river.
There are many small fishing skills. Every fish, every climate and every place have different skills. In fact, the level of fishing skills is the accumulation and mastery of these small skills and the application of experience. In this issue, let’s talk about some good skills of “fishing crucian carp”.
First, let’s talk about the characteristics of crucian carp.
It’s fish. They all have little courage. They run when they see big objects. Of course, some fishing friends said, I have seen fish that are not afraid of people! Xiao Yu I admit that there is such a thing, but I can definitely tell you that there is no such thing in the freshwater fish we catch. Among the timid fish species, crucian carp can be regarded as the most timid kind of fish, but ah, it also has its courage, that is, after more than ten fish are gathered in the fish nest, the courage of this group of crucian carp starts to get bigger and bigger. Ha ha, it is estimated that many fishing friends do not know this rule of crucian carp, do they? Knowing this, we can use strategy, that is, skill to catch them.
Second, fishing methods in the early days.
Then the key of this skill is estimated to be seen by many fishing friends. Yes, it is to “make a nest and gather fish”. Well, we can catch more bottom in the early stage, and the floating can be adjusted to “four fishing and two fishing”. As for the nest bait, we can sprinkle some millet to make the nest bait (suitable for local crucian carp to eat). Then we must keep the environment quiet. In the early stage, we will gently throw the pole, make more nests, and wait for the bait.
Three, the middle and late fishing methods.
Crucian carp is also a predatory fish. Once they get bolder, they start to rob food. Therefore, if you find that there are sections appearing from time to time, it proves that the fish have gathered some. At this time, we will continue to expand the nest bait and let crucian carp gather more. How? Remember to use more nesting bait. In the fishing method, changes have also been made from the bottom to the bottom or even the floating. When there are more than ten crucian carp gathered, the courage of crucian carp will reach its maximum, and our throwing frequency will also keep up with it. At this time, you will think crucian carp is really good to catch!