[Fishing Skills] Introduction to Characteristics and Main Points of Traditional Fishing Double Hook Fishing

A double hook with one more hook than a single hook can increase the chance of fish biting the hook.If one meat, one vegetable and two baits are used for fishing on the two hooks, not only can the characteristics of fish that like meat or vegetarian be understood, but also the chances of medium fish will be increased.

The biggest characteristics of the double hook fishing method are:
One brain line tied with two hooks changes the usual method of tying two brain lines with one hook each, thus solving the problem of twining the two brain lines that have troubled fishing friends for a long time. Moreover, the double hook fishing can not only catch the flat bottom, but also catch the hanging pendant, and can also be adjusted to one hanging and one lying. Since fishing is not disturbed by the winding of fishing lines, its effect is very good. Let’s talk about a few issues that need attention.

1. When tying the hook, it is better to use “inner single strand type”, which is not only firm, but also does not damage the fishing line.

2. On the basis of double hooks, it can also be developed into three hooks. Attention should be paid to shortening the hook distance appropriately.

3. Superior thin thread is preferred for matching brain thread, and barb hook should be used for hook. If the barb-free hook is used, the fish on the double hook is that the size difference between the two fish is too large or the escape direction is different, which is easy to cause the phenomenon that the brain line of one hook is relaxed and the fish runs away.

4. If you fish with a single hook first and then temporarily change to a double hook, you can make a looper on the brain line of the previous single hook (hook), tighten the sleeve line, and transform it into a string of double hooks.

5. In waters with plenty of silt and rotten grass, when the fish does not bite the hook, the movable hook can be moved up in time to increase the length of the main hook brain line. When the brain line is long, the bait naturally exposes the mud, which can prevent the bait from being covered by sundries.

6. Movable double hooks assembled with colloidal particles can be skillfully used when fishing. It not only has good fixation, but also the main and auxiliary hooks can move up and down for a long and short distance conveniently. At the same time, he is also a low-key method that can be used for both deep and shallow fishing. He can adjust the water level and find fish to bite the hook due to time and time. The fishing effect is quite good.