[Fishing Skills] To Deal with Small Fish, Try it with Wheat Grain This Time, The Effect Is Good,

No matter whether it is pond fishing or reservoir fishing, as long as the small fish reach a certain number, it is easy to cause an extremely difficult fishing phenomenon.I have sent a post on how to deal with small fish before. Today, I specially introduce my methods and skills to deal with small fish with wheat grains!

Wheat grains, first of all, I mean bait, one grain per hook, use skills.

First of all, it is necessary to make a nest. Wheat grains have no atomization and cannot be atomized like flour bait to lure fish. Therefore, it is necessary to make a nest to lure fish. You can take 200g of musk bottom nest material or musk millet to make a nest. Pay attention to the fact that the nest must be clean and the fishing spot with flat bottom is the best.

After making the nest, 30 minutes to 1 hour, if there are fish in the nest, there will be a large number of fish stars and flowers. The bigger the star flower, the bigger the fish, and the more the star flower, the more the fish. “Except snakehead and catfish, this fish is not a vegetarian”. On the contrary, the fewer star flowers, the smaller the star words, and the fewer and smaller the fish, “there are big fish that are more cunning, and the star flowers that emit are also small, but it is only rare.” If there are no star flowers in the dens, or there are few star flowers, please change the fishing spots. Be flexible and don’t go to the dens without fish.

No matter how you fish, whether it is traditional, Taiwan fishing or competitive fishing, it is just a saying. Why should you distinguish it so clearly? It is best for those who are suitable for me.

Float fishing is very important, this is the best way to use double hook with bait “hanging wheat” to adjust 1 fishing 2. Some friends whose eyesight is not very good can adjust 2 to 3 and 3 to 4.
I would like to say in particular here that it is generally not due to the weather. There are a large number of fish and star flowers in the dens. Crucian carp, carp, bream and grass carp can be eaten with their mouth tilted. Crucian carp has its mouth tilted and the bait rate is not lower than earthworms and flour bait, and the fish on the dens are larger.

Wheat grains are very ideal for dealing with horse mouth, small hemp fish and white stripes. Sometimes the white stripes reach a crazy level, which is relatively difficult. Under normal circumstances, about 10 hooks can basically clear the small fish in the dens.There are too many white stripes. You can choose the middle of the grass nest. The fishing spot map I want to send below is.Thick grass can be used as a barrier to prevent white stripes from entering, which is also a skill to choose fishing points.

Wheat grains can be used from late spring to late autumn.

This time my fishing situation is quite special. My fishing point is not more small hemp fish and more white stripes, but more small milk crucian carp, all of which are less than half a dozen. These are just growing crucian carp. They are too small to eat when caught, which will only damage the fish resources in the reservoir and leave painful consequences for future fishing. There is no fish to fish for.

Bait pulling, earthworms and bait rubbing can’t stop the small milk crucian carp from taking the bait, so hanging wheat grains to catch a lot of one or two to four ounces of crucian carp. If the wheat grains must be small fish method is not adopted, the small milk crucian carp may be caught. So the catch is not bad.

Wheat grain, as a special bait, has its unique use. In my opinion, it is an indispensable bait. Avoiding small fishing is an important skill in fishing. These skills are all my fishing experience for many years, and I hope they will be helpful to friends who like fishing in the forum.