[Fishing Skills] What are the characteristics and fishing methods of traditional Faratan fishing?

Pull beach fishing is suitable for rapids. The bottom of the stream is mostly a stone sand bottom, which is a good place for flowing water fish to live and multiply. The main target of this fishing method is the hairfish in running water. There are also deep water fishing and shallow water fishing methods for beach fishing.

I. Fishing Rod

In order to better play its role, mangosteen with thick pen rod should be selected as the fishing rod for beach fishing, and the height of the rod and the fisherman should be equal. This fishing method also uses thin lines, small hooks, and the lines are aligned with the rod. A brain line hook is tied at 1/3 of the rod’s tail down the line. The brain line is 20cm long and does not need to float or fall.
Second, bait

A small soft worm, called swallow worm, lying under a stone in the shallow still water of the river when fishing for bait. When catching swallow insects, lift the stones quickly, turn them over and see the insects lying on the stones. After catching them, put them in a cup with a certain amount of water, so that the insects will not die easily. You can also use bait such as shrimps and red earthworms.
3. Fishing Position

Fishing positions should be set up in waters where fish are concentrated so as to reap more. At present, a 3-meter-long underwater trench is opened at the fishing position with a shovel or other tools, and the depth of the trench is to expose new stones. This nesting method is to adapt to the characteristic that small fish like to go against the water in the new trough without foraging.

Four, water depth

Pull beach fishing has different fishing methods for deep water and shallow water.

1. Deep water fishing.Bow fishing is used in waters with a water depth of less than 50cm, that is, people stand on top of the groove and face downstream. After the bait is hooked, the right hand holds the pole, the human bow body, the trunk line spreads down the ditch, and then pushes and pulls up and down along the water potential. The speed of the push and pull movement must be determined according to the flow rate of the water. However, fishermen must wait until the fishing line is pushed straight by the water before pulling back when pushing the rod. Special attention should be paid to this point, but the key lies in pushing and pulling to shake the beat. It is easy to run fish too fast or too slow.

2. Shallow water fishing.Vertical fishing is used in waters with a water depth of more than 50cm, that is, people stand sideways on the top of the groove, depending on the depth of the surface. Facing the other side, the right hand holds the middle of the pole, depending on the depth of the water. The main reason is that during the operation, the pole position is perpendicular to the water surface first, and the pole tip is underwater, with no bottom stone hanging as the degree. The pole is close to the person first, and then the hand holding the pole swings the pole downstream along the water to make the bait flow down the trough. After the line and bait are pushed straight by the water, the hand holding the pole lifts the pole up hard and the pole returns to its side. This repeated cycle makes the fish feel free to take the bait.