[Fishing Skills] What are the main points and characteristics of short-line fishing without drift

Non-drift short-line fishing is also called “foam-seeking” or “bubble-seeking” fishing method, which is mainly suitable for shallow calm waters of 1-2.5 meters.Connect a fishing line about half a meter deeper than the water depth at the tip of the pole, connect the bait to the end of the line, and fall above the hook, orWith no pendant, bait can generally be used with shrimps or earthworms.When fishing, fishermen can slowly move their steps along the coast with their rods, so as to observe the water regime and mainly look for bubbles generated by fish when foraging.If bubbles are found, the bait hook should be quickly handed to the reservoir where the bubbles are flooded, and the rod should be lifted and lowered repeatedly, which can have the effect of luring fish to swallow.

This method is generally used to fish crucian carp and carp, which is suitable for fishing in the morning or evening of summer or early autumn.Because crucian carp and carp often look for food in places with mud at the bottom of the water, foam will rise in the water due to fish agitation in the mud, accompanied by bubbles rising to the water meter.If multiple foams are continuously generated at a time and the sizes are similar, crucian carp will mostly look for them at the bottom of the water.Carp will also produce bubbles when looking for food at the bottom of mud, but the size is uneven.Sometimes small bubbles will appear continuously, accompanied by the rise of turbid water.At this time, the bait is delivered to the reservoir where foam and bubbles appear, and the fish will soon be lured to swallow.Especially in the wetlands near the shore and shallow water in mid-spring where there is soft and silt, fishing by this method will definitely achieve great results.However, this fishing method is easily restricted by the weather. If it rains or windy, it is difficult to see the foam rising, so this fishing method is not suitable in this weather.

1, sunny don’t fish clear shallow, shade don’t fish muddy deep.If you choose to fish in sunny days, because the light is directly irradiated, shadows will be generated when it shines on objects, and those shadows are the easiest to run fish and shrimps. The best way is to fish in muddy parts and depths of the waters in sunny days.If you choose to fish on cloudy days, because the light is scattered and there is no shadow on the object, then you can fish in the clear and shallow parts of the water.

2. Make a nest. When making a nest, one must not be disordered or regardless of size. The key to fishing is whether the nest is played well or not. If the nest is good and the fish is good, even the novice can catch big fish, even there are endless fish. This standard should be achieved in making nests. Fish few fish thin nest, fish big fish dense nest, cloudy muddy water shallow nest, sunny clear water deep nest.

3, Adopt light swing type or direct hook throwing method. Don’t throw the hook randomly, pull it into the nest. Light swinging and direct hook throwing movements have little or no sound entering the water, and the lowered hook bait can be controlled and observed. If there is fish bait in the middle, it can be found in time, and if the hook bait sinks into the nest, it can prevent fish from being alarmed.