With these four kinds of things, you are not afraid of not catching fish. You are the natural bane of fish!

Many people will choose to go fishing to relax in their spare time, but now the fish are more sophisticated and cannot be caught if they want to. And now all kinds of fishing gear shops dazzle many fishing enthusiasts. Now bait is not cheap either. If you buy it every day, is it unnecessary? If you like fishing, you can make some bait at home and make these 4 kinds of things. They are the natural bane of fish. One can catch one!
Shrimp powder
Winter fish need to supplement a lot of protein, which is often called meat bait. Shrimp powder is a very good thing and it is of great use. When making bait, add some shrimp powder into it, or wrap the surface of the caught earthworm with shrimp powder. In this way, throwing the bait into the water will greatly increase the effect.
Many people like to eat corn, so fish also prefer to eat corn. It has many ways to make bait to lure fish to the bait. You can make some older corn kernels into nest materials.
Bait can be made of fresh and tender corn kernels. It has natural fragrance. If you fish in this season, it will be especially easy to take the bait.
Everyone knows. Millet is one of crucian carp’s favorite baits and can be made into wine and rice for fishing. The method is also very simple. Find a water bottle and put millet in it. Finally, add some wine and honey. If you want better results, you can put some essence into it. In this way, fish can smell it as far away as possible. Add millet at an appropriate time, and the effect will get twice the result with half the effort!
Chicken and duck sausage

Now the living conditions are good, and every time I buy vegetables, I don’t need to find one. However, many people who do not know throw them away and think it is useless. But people who like fishing can not throw it, because it is the treasure that lures fish to take the bait. Chicken and duck intestines have fishy smell, and fish will smell them once they are put into the water. Not only can you catch crucian carp with this thing, but also this ingredient can drop a big snakehead!