[Fishing Skills] Causes and Countermeasures of Fish Running in Fishing

Competitive fishing or leisure fishing, running fish is a very unpleasant thing. Fishing friends all want to find out the reason for running fish and solve how to run less or not. I hope this article brought by Xiaobian here can help fishing friends.

First, it is not uncommon for fishing tackle to match improperly and run fish.

The author caught a 1.3 kg grass carp with the No.2 brain line in a competition. In the finals, the No.2 brain line was still used. When a grass carp took the bait, it first sprinted outward, pulling the line buzzing, but did not rush out. Then it rushed left and right, exposed to the water (about 3kg) and then rushed outward. The brain line was broken! What a pity, regret not thickening the brain line. There were several times when the fish ran because the bomb hook was unhooked and straightened, so the quality inspection of fishing tackle should not be careless. It should be careful and careful. It should not be careless and regret any carelessness.
Two, walk the fish to walk through, copy the fish is sure

When walking the fish, the fish are very energetic, so they are in a hurry to copy the fish. This kind of situation is also very common. The author accidentally broke the tip of his hand during a walk of the fish. I think this is over and the fish ran away. However, the tip of the broken pole fell on the fish. The fish did not move and turned over to a white belly. I immediately copied the fish ashore. There are also “articles” to be made on the technology of copying fish. If one copy fails, it will be even more difficult for the fish to be frightened. Even if the empty hook is hung on the copying net, nine times out of ten the fish will run away. In most cases, the tail of the fish is still exposed outside the net after entering the net. If the tail is copied first, the big fish is likely to run away. Copying the net should be hidden under the water until the fish is pulled into the net.
Three, walking fish to avoid hook hanging on the fish protection

The author walked the fish several times and hung it on the fish guard, all of which ended in running the fish. Grass carp takes the bait and is used to looking for an escape place on the shore if it cannot escape. If there is fish in the fish guard, it is used to living in groups close to the fish guard and hanging the hook on the guard, which means that the fish may run away. When walking the fish, the fish should be specially led away from the shore and must not be close to the fish protection. This is entirely possible, as long as the fishing tackle is excellent.

Four, sea fishing running fish is also common

Do you want to walk the fish in sea fishing? This should adjust measures to local conditions. For example, the sea is littered with stones. In most cases, the hooked fish escape through diamond seams. This makes it impossible to run the fish. If you can pull it ashore, you can use a copy net to copy it. Some fish take the bait without diamond seams and rush outward. This requires pay-off, which consumes the physical strength of the fish. When the fish is unable to flow, it will be pulled to the shore and copied with a copy net.
Five, hanging bottom running fish is a common thing

Use double hooks, one hook to hang the bottom and one hook to catch the fish. If the bottom hook line is pulled continuously and cannot be taken off straight, the fish on the hook will finally run away. It is better to use a single hook for sea fishing, and the chance of hanging the bottom with a single hook is less. The author used a single hook at a time, knowing that there was fish on the hook but it could not be pulled up. As soon as the line was loosened, the fish needed the line. He speculated that the line was lightly pressed by the obstacle on the seabed, so he had to put the rod down temporarily, let the fish move freely, let the waves hit the fishing line, and wait for some time. This method was really effective, and finally the 500-gram black snapper was pulled ashore.
Six, fishing small fish encounter big fish will also break the line to run fish

The author caught yellow croaker once, weighing 250 ~ 500g, with a high fishing rate. Suddenly, a big red fish came and broke the line and ran away. I quickly changed into the big line for catching red fish. The yellow croaker should not be hooked and the red fish should not come. What should I do? I had to change small lines to catch yellow flowers, and soon I bit the hook normally again. I got a lot of harvest on this day. In case of this kind of situation, I should analyze it calmly, not on impulse, but to determine the fishing tackle according to the fish situation.
Seven, line aging is also a factor in running fish,

Hot summer, hot summer, alkaline seawater soaking reef friction damage, etc., will accelerate the aging of fishing lines. When testing the aging damage degree of fishing lines, there should be no idea of “loathe to throw away the pity”. The new line should be replaced decisively, otherwise it will cause irreparable regret.

Eight, fishing what fish to use what fishing tackle

The author once went fishing in the sea with several fishing friends. I took the fishing tackle for freshwater fish with me. I knowingly committed the crime, mainly because I was too lazy to change the fishing tackle. As a result, the fishing line was broken in a mess and there was no gain.
Nine, help run fish

On one occasion, a 3 kg carp took the bait and walked it for more than 20 minutes to the shore. A kind layman picked up the net and copied the fish into the net. He held the net pole to the top with both hands. As a result, the net pole sprinted the fish. This is kind but helpful. Therefore, if you ask others to help you copy the big fish, you must ask an old hand, otherwise, it will only increase the regret of running the fish.
Ten, lucky don’t have to copy the net to run fish

Also don’t think the fish is not big when participating in the competition, so it is convenient to lift it up. It is very troublesome to copy the hook on the net. As a result, when pulling the fish to the shore and lifting it up, the fish fell into the water and had a regret.