Summer fishing silver carp and bighead carp must kill bait formula: acid bait production and use skills, kill big and small silver carp and bighead carp!

In midsummer, it is forgotten to catch silver carp and bighead carp. Affected by hot weather, silver carp and bighead carp often swim in shallow water, so fishing silver carp and bighead carp in summer is mainly floating. Silver carp and bighead carp are somewhat similar to grass carp. They can tolerate high temperature, but they have a higher demand for dissolved oxygen. Therefore, the higher the temperature, the more silver carp and bighead carp float to the shallow water layer with sufficient dissolved oxygen. Floating fishing silver carp and bighead carp is naturally the higher the temperature, the shallower the fishing, and the cooler the weather, it is better to fish deeper. There is also a characteristic feature of fishing silver carp and bighead carp, that is, the amount of bait used is huge, so homemade bait becomes the main focus, especially when spring bait dragging and hanging baskets are used.

First, the characteristics of summer fishing silver carp and bighead carp

Silver carp and bighead carp are the general designation of silver carp and silver carp. They are two kinds of fish with similar habits and basically the same fishing skills. However, the habits of the two are slightly different. Silver carp is more active and has the habit of jumping out of the water. Silver carp is bigger and more stable. Both kinds of fish eat in groups, but they are silver carp in groups and silver carp in groups. When fishing, they catch up with a wave of silver carp. Among them, there are few silver carp in groups, and there will be no silver carp in groups. Under the same weather conditions in summer, silver carp is deeper than silver carp. In summer when the temperature is high, floating fishing for silver carp is usually within 1 meter of water depth, while fishing for silver carp is usually 1-1.5 meters of water layer. If you want to catch bigger silver carp and bighead carp, you need to choose a deep and wide area. Only when you catch far away can you get something, otherwise you are mostly small. The following is an introduction to several methods of making acid bait. Acid bait can kill silver carp and silver carp, which is more practical than smelly bait. If smelly bait is practical, silver carp is mostly used.

Two, several acid bait making methods

1. Prepare corn flour and wheat flour, mix them evenly according to the ratio of 9: 1, and add cold water and flour. Fishing friends who can make steamed corn-bread all know that boiling water and dough will increase the viscosity of corn flour and make steamed corn-bread softer. Boiling water is only used to catch crucian carp or carp to make bait. The advantage of cold water and dough is that the steamed corn-bread is hard and breaks when it is cooled. Make steamed corn-bread, steam it in a pan, cool it and rub it into pieces for later use. Prepare some garlic. According to the standard of 2 kg of steamed corn-bread, prepare one or two garlic, and make garlic into mashed garlic for later use. One or two more brown sugar are prepared, so the material is stirred evenly and exposed to the sun for 2 or 3 days after sealing. Be careful not to leak air. In this way, the acid bait is made. If the fermented bait is too dry, add water, and if it is too thin, add some bran.

2. Prepare bran, corn flour and wheat flour according to the ratio of 5: 4: 1, and mix evenly for later use. Prepare a little leeks, according to 5% of the total bait. Prepare a little fermented glutinous rice. If there is soup and water, the supermarket will cost 2 yuan a small box. The bait is stirred with boiled water, but there is not much water, which is somewhat similar to the effect of making flour pimples. It is cooled for later use. Mash leeks, pour them into bait, then add fermented glutinous rice, rub them repeatedly and stir them evenly. At this time, the bait should be relatively hard. After 2 or 3 days of sealed fermentation, the bait will become soft and thin, and the state is basically just right. Whether it is a nest or a basket spring support, it is very suitable for fishing silver carp and bighead carp.

3. The third kind is sour bean cake, which has been introduced before. Here is only a slight introduction. Sour bean cake needs a long time to ferment and has a strong sour and smelly taste. It is not directly used, but is used as a similar additive, thus reducing the fermentation time of bait and being directly used after stirring. Prepare a little bean cake powder, add water and flour, rub it into an egg-sized ball, and steam it in a pan. After cooling, rub it into pieces, seal and ferment for half a month. When fishing silver carp and bighead carp, atomized things such as corn flour and bran can be used to make bait, and 10% sour bean cake can be added to directly start fishing.

These are the precautions for fishing silver carp and bighead carp, as well as the making methods of several acid baits. The fastest way is to add 10% flour to corn flour and bran, stir evenly, add water and white vinegar, and stir directly. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!