The skill of catching grass carp at night in summer: pay attention to the timing and fishing point, and the big grass carp can also be connected to the pole!

Grass carp is a fish species that most fishing friends like to fish. It is huge in size and grows rapidly. Fishing with hands and poles is not fun. Grass carp is more tolerant of high temperatures and is the target fish that is often fished in summer. In summer, the temperature is high during the day and fishing is extremely hard. Many fishing friends like to play night fishing in summer. At night, the light is quiet and weak, and the big fish have a strong desire to eat. Night fishing is not only more pleasant than during the day, but also the harvest is often better. Talk about the matters needing attention in fishing grass carp in the wild, hoping to help all fishing friends.

First, the timing of fishing

When fish are not easy to catch, it is necessary to pay more attention to the timing when going out to fish. The weather determines the quality of the fish mouth. Try to choose cool weather with sufficient dissolved oxygen to catch fish, which has twice the result with half the effort for summer night fishing. The better weather is windy during the day and breezy at night. It is very difficult to catch in such weather when the wind is strong during the day, but when it is completely dark, the wind becomes smaller. After blowing for a day, the water surface is cool and has sufficient dissolved oxygen, and fish are especially active at night. Or choose to fish in rainy days or after rain, but be sure to pay attention to safety. Night fishing cannot ignore the influence of moonlight on fish. Freshwater fish are weaker in light, and when the moonlight is bright, the harvest will be worse. Choose the beginning or end of the lunar month, or it is cloudy, cloudy and dark to catch fish at night.

Second, choose fishing points

There are many skills in choosing fishing spots in wild fishing, but there will be a slight difference between different fish’s favorite places. To catch grass carp, one needs to find the terrain that grass carp likes better as a fishing point. Grass carp in natural waters mainly eats plants in water and shore, and secretly eats terrestrial grass plants on the shore at night. Therefore, grass carp is more likely to be encountered in areas with aquatic plants in water or grass cover on shore. Or the typical fishing point at the water inlet in summer, with crops and fruit trees on the bank, are all favorite places for grass carp. June and July are the wheat harvest seasons. If there is strong wind during the day, many wheat grains will be blown into the water. When fishing at night, it is often better to choose farmland behind and fish in the direction where the wind blows during the day. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the fishing point is good enough to lower the pole and whether the top of the head and behind it are close to the obstacles. Secondly, it should be noted that night fishing is not suitable for deep fishing and far fishing. It is more appropriate to choose shallow water with more abundant food, and the offshore distance should be within 10 meters.

III. Fishing Methods and Precautions

1. Grass carp can be caught at the bottom or floating. In summer, wild fishing is recommended to float and does not need to be caught too deep. This is because it is quiet and dark at night. Grass carp in the middle and upper layers like to float up to look for food, or even pull over to look for food. In short, almost all of them look for food in the middle and upper layers, so the water layer should be determined. Night fishing is suitable for fishing and floating, because the wind is usually relatively small at night, which is also conducive to fishing and floating. There are many ways to fish and float, either with a pole or on a platform. If the grass carp is large, it is recommended to take wheels.

2, floating grass carp at night, don’t need to be too deep, so be sure to pay attention to quiet. At the same time, we must choose floats properly. The recommended method is to use floats and luminous rods for fishing, which is more suitable than night fishing lights. Night fishing lights still have certain influence on big fish, especially when fishing for floats. The floating adjustment method is also relatively simple. Half water is hung with double baits, and the floating exposure mesh number is adjusted to exceed the luminous rod, so that the floating can be seen clearly and the sensitivity of the floating is relatively guaranteed. Or you can use electronic float, just adjust the float normally.

3. There are many kinds of bait, because grass carp eats a lot in summer and is often not very picky about food. What bait to use, you can consider which crops are around, which is a guide for grass carp fishing. Generally speaking, beer soaked in tender corn is more suitable for fishing grass carp in summer. The taste of wine is quite omnipotent, and the effect in various waters is not bad.

The peak period of catching fish at night is basically between 8 and 12 o’clock, followed by 4-9 o’clock the next day. Attention should be paid to reasonable arrangement of time rest to prevent drowsiness and accidents. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!