The skill of killing big crucian carp in wild fishing: the matching skill of box lunch hook, which is used in summer wild fishing!

Boxed lunch hook is a very interesting fishing method among folk fishing methods, which is somewhat similar to bad food explosion hook, but the amount of bait used is relatively small, and the chance of catching big fish is not high, but it is very suitable for long-range fishing of big crucian carp. In summer, the water temperature is high, crucian carp is not resistant to high temperature, and it often hides in deep water to enjoy the cool air. Therefore, it is difficult to catch large crucian carp with a hand pole during the day. Long-range fishing can solve this problem. The origin of the name of the box lunch hook is to put the bait in the plastic cover and ambush the fish hook in the bait, just like the box lunch. Introduce this interesting fishing method. Interested fishing friends can give it a try.

I. Advantages of Fishing Methods and Key Points of Fishing Group Matching

1. The advantage of the box lunch hook is that the bait is in the lid. The first advantage is that if there is thick silt at the bottom of the water, the bait will not fall into corn. The second advantage is that it can effectively reduce the scouring of running water and fish normally in running water. Secondly, the fishhook is ambushed in the bait in the cover. The cover faces up after the fishing group ends. The fishhook does not contact the bottom of the water, which can also effectively reduce the phenomenon of hanging the bottom. These two characteristics make this fishing method very useful in river fishing.

2. The matching of fishing groups is actually very simple. First of all, prepare one large and one small lid, poke a big hole in the back of the lid, prepare a piece of lead cake, and poke a big hole in the middle of the lead cake. Fix the two covers to the lead cake with snail nuts. Note that the lead cake is on the back of the lid. Small holes are poked at the edge of the small lid for routing. The sub-wires need to pass through the edge of the small lid. This benefit can reduce the winding between the sub-wires. If you are lazy, you can use no small lid, just tie the fishhook into the shape of an explosive hook.

3. The edge of the large cover can also poke some small holes, and the sub-lines can come out of the small holes, which can further reduce the winding between the sub-lines. If it is too troublesome, it can not be operated in this way. The following figure shows the completed fishing group. The lead cake is fixed to the back of the cover through screws and nuts. Attention must be paid to the length of the sub-line, just a little beyond the edge of the cover. If the sub-line is too long, it will easily hang to the bottom. Since crucian carp is the main fish, the fishing line is generally not too thick. If fishing water is mostly used, nylon thread is recommended. If there is a lot of still water to catch, it is OK to use PE line, which is relatively soft and not easy to stop.

II. Key Points of Fishing

First of all, the bait should be prepared. This bait is basically the bait of bad food. It does not need to be made too finely and requires a certain atomization effect, but it cannot be too atomized. The main ingredients can be bean cake powder, rapeseed cake powder, corn flour and the like. After stir-frying the fragrance, add water and stir it to form a ball. Put bait in the lid and bury the hook.

Finally, the throwing rod was thrown from a long distance. When the fishing group entered the water, the lead cake on the back of the cover was the heaviest, and when it sank, the lead cake would be at the bottom, thus the fishing group would be in the state where the lead cake was at the bottom and the cover was at the top. With the passage of time, the bait is atomized to lure the fish, and when the fish come to eat, it is easy to eat the fishhook buried in the bait, thus catching the fish. It should be noted that the fishing rod cannot be erected after throwing the rod. It must be laid flat at the water’s edge to slowly tighten the line. After tightening, the fishing rod is also laid flat at the water’s edge. The advantage of this is that if the throwing rod is long and placed vertically, the box lunch hook may be reversed, and the hook and bait are under, so it is naturally difficult to catch fish.

These are the matching and use points of lunch box hooks, which are relatively easy to use in wild fishing, especially suitable for flowing water with silt at the bottom. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!