After days of heavy rain, will fishing explode? What was the result of going wild fishing when the water was rising?

This is a common sense known to fishermen, but it is also limited to such a common saying. Is this the case in actual fishing? Recently, there has been heavy rain in the south, the water level along the Yangtze River is high, and the major tributaries have generally raised very high water levels. Is it good for fishermen? According to my experience, I don’t think so!

Fishing position disappears due to rising water.

After the water rises, some old fishing positions are bound to submerge in the water. Everyone knows that the wild fishing river is full of gullies and ravines, and the fishing positions are covered with aquatic plants. After the water level overflows, the former fishing positions may become fishing points. It is common to hang the bottom. This is the most headache. After the fishing position disappears, it is necessary to reopen the fishing point. If you are not familiar with the hydrological conditions, you do not know where deep and where shallow.

It is very likely that I haven’t found the bottom after fishing for 1 or 2 hours. Many people have encountered such things. The most exasperating thing is that after several days of repeated cleaning of the bottom by different fishermen, the fishing position has finally been consolidated and the bottom has not been hung. As a result, the water has receded. You said it was easy for fishermen.

Fish do not lack food after swelling water.

After the water level rises, a large number of aquatic plants are flooded. These fresh aquatic plants contain a large number of grass seeds and edible aquatic plants, which provide fish with rich food, including some domestic garbage, which will also accumulate in large quantities in the water. Fish are not picky about food, just have something to eat, and the digestive system of fish is different from that of human beings. It often takes in food and then stops eating for a period of time to digest. If it goes fishing at this time, it obviously will not open its mouth.

This is an important reason why it is not good to catch fish for half a day after frequent rising water. In fact, there are fish in the water, that is, when there are many food choices, the fisherman’s bait may not attract fish.

The waters are large and the fish schools are scattered.

This is very deadly. The number of fish will not increase much, but the water surface area has expanded a lot. The distribution of fish schools is different in the same density of 1 mu of water and 100 mu of water. Fish also have the spirit of exploration. When the environment is strange, it has to look around. God knows where it has gone.

This has the greatest impact on fishing. The density of fish decreases, and no fish can be gathered. No matter how good the bait is, it is useless. At this time, it depends on who is lucky. If he finds luck, he is crazy.

It is also good to rise water.

For example, some reservoirs have little impact, including the water outlets of some lakes, which often discharge water through canals. These canals are usually not wide, and opening floodgates to discharge water will drive some fish in. Such places often have good fishing effects. Another advantage of swelling water is the increase of dissolved oxygen. At this time, the activity of fish is high, and some rare large crucian carp on the shore in summer will also appear at this time.