I didn’t blow it. Since I used this grass carp fishing method, I have been admired to the ground.

As we all know, summer and autumn are the golden seasons for fishing large fish species such as carp and grass carp, but if you don’t pay attention to the details of fishing methods, I’m afraid no fish will take the bait for three days and three nights. Of course, as far as I am concerned, I will definitely not be half-hearted in “dealing with” big grass carp in summer, so since I used the following grass carp fishing methods, even 30-year-old fishermen have been admired.
Selecting Fishing Position and Feeding Method of Nest Material
When fishing grass carp in summer, if you want to think about the hook, you must pay attention to the choice of fishing position. Although grass carp eats a lot, The growth rate is also relatively fast, However, its courage is much less than its experience. Because of this, when we choose fishing positions, we should choose those relatively quiet places. Of course, in addition to being quiet, we should also pay attention to the water depth of the fishing point. Under normal circumstances, whether floating fishing or bottom fishing, we should fish in deep water in this season.
As for the choice of nest materials, I think corn kernels and wheat bran can be given priority. Although there is a saying in the fishing circle of “catching big fish and making big nests”, for most fishing friends, it is obviously not advisable to make heavy nests, because it takes at least several hours to make heavy nests. Therefore, in order to make the laid nest material effective, more suggestions are to lure while playing, that is to say, in the fishing process, the nest spoon is used to continuously scatter particles at the fishing point.
Bait Matching and Float Adjustment
Although grass carp is an omnivorous fish, it will basically eat whether you use meat bait or grain-flavored bait. According to past fishing experience, the bait selected for fishing in different seasons and temperatures is also different. For example, in hot summer and autumn, large grass carp still prefers grain or other light natural bait, such as corn, wheat grains, sweet potato grains or tender grass.
In addition, I personally don’t think there is much to pay attention to floating fishing, because when fishing, only the buoyancy of floating is greater than the gravity of bait weight + lead weight! As for how to adjust the bottom of the fishing, you can try to level the water without a hook, and then catch two or three eyes.