[Fishing Skills] My Opinion on Traditional Fishing Methods

There are many masters who play with tradition, It just happens that a college classmate wants to learn fishing recently. After the fishing rod and line were prepared for him, it seemed that there was still something missing. Taiwan fishing will be very difficult to master for a while. Let’s start with traditional fishing. It is simple and has a long history. It is faster to get started. I will take time to sort out a theoretical thing for him. Just let’s share it together. I hope to develop some inspiration for some fishing friends who are newly learning fishing. I will be happy and satisfied.

Fishing rod:

The fishing rods of traditional fishing are not rigid. All kinds of fishing rods of platform fishing can be used as fishing rods of traditional fishing, mainly depending on the water conditions of the fishing place. Generally, 3.6 m fishing rods in small ditches in the countryside are sufficient. For the large water surface with wide water surface and rich aquatic plants, even more than 10 meters of artillery are used. All this is chosen according to the environment of the fishing ground. The simplest traditional fishing rod is made of a bamboo. We all came here like this when we were young.
Fishing line:

The traditional fishing line group is basically the principle of one line to the end. Compared with the current fishing situation, if nylon line is used, the fishing line of 0.8 or 1.0 is sufficient. At present, many traditional fishing uses the fishing line of the powerful horse as the traditional fishing group in order to give consideration to both size and size, but the line number is slightly smaller, and the powerful horse of 0.4-0.6 is enough, which can protect the fishing rod.


The simplest and most practical thing is to choose the seven-star drift. For beginners, it is not very clear about the adjustment of fishing, so choose the trumpet seven-star drift, which does not need to be adjusted, as long as the fishhooks and lead pendants used can slowly press all the floats into the water. Of course, some people also like to use vertical drift. If vertical drift does not pay attention to adjusting fishing, its sensitivity is lower than that of seven-star drift. If it pays attention to adjusting fishing, it is a bit off-platform fishing. Therefore, it is suggested that beginners should start with seven-star drift. Of course, the seven-star drift can also pay attention to fishing, but if it is so sensitive, it is not far from the master and there is no need for the novice.

Fish hook and lead pendant:

There are two choices for this. The first one is more convenient. It is better to use the sky hook directly. There is no need to hang lead pendant. You can only choose the appropriate sky hook and tie it to the fishing line according to the season. (Generally speaking, in late autumn, winter and early spring, the hook bar is thinner, while in late spring, summer and early autumn, the hook bar can be thicker, and the hook door facing the sky should be wider as far as possible, which is not easy to run fish.) The second is the common hook with lead pendant on it. This is usually to add a cylindrical space bean to the fishing line before tying the hook, move the space bean to a distance of 3-5 cm from the hook after tying the hook, and then roll the appropriate lead skin on the space bean. (This fishing method is slightly blunt than the hook facing the sky. As for the selection of the hook, the hook bar can refer to the hook facing the sky. There are not so many requirements on the hook door, and the hook door can be smaller to facilitate the fish entrance.)

Nest material:

Generally, traditional fishing requires making nests, and a person needs to make at least three to five nests. Wine and rice are generally used as the main materials for the nest. Its main function is to lure fish but not to feed them. You can also mix a certain amount of wine and rice into wheat bran or rapeseed cake and make a nest after wetting it, which is convenient to throw and can avoid the trouble of using a nest maker.

Small skill of wine rice production: millet is the best for wine rice in general, but the cost is too high, so it is suggested that we mix broken rice and broken corn to save the cost. Medicated liquor for making wine and rice is generally introduced on the Internet. The most common thing is to buy some powdered traditional Chinese medicine Liujunzi processed by pharmacies and soak it in cheap koji liquor for more than half a month. (Of course, it is understandable that many fishing friends will add other fish luring ingredients to the medicated wine. In fact, it is the koji wine on the wine and rice that really lures fish.) Finally, the brewing process: Generally, it is good to find a big beverage bottle such as a pulsating empty bottle. First, pour the broken rice and broken corn into the bottle according to the proportion, almost four-fifths is enough, and then add about 100-150 milliliters of brewed medicated liquor into a bottle, which is enough. The goal is that as long as the added medicated liquor can pass the broken rice and broken corn in the bottle, there is still a little residue. Finally, seal the bottle mouth with plastic wrap, and it will be OK in ten days and a half months.


The traditional fish caught is very simple. Basically, our Jiangnan generation is earthworms and red worms. Red worms are better when it is cold, and earthworms are enough when it is hot. Of course, it is not ruled out that some experts use bait to play traditional games. After that, they will naturally understand when they become experts. That is to say, it is only a little more clever to adjust. It is very difficult to use bait when fishing bluntly. The traditional pursuit is to eat dead mouth, while the bait pursuit is to catch fish for a moment of throughput.

Fishing point:

The best place for traditional fishing is to make a nest in a place with aquatic plants. This is a natural place for hiding fish, because most of the traditional fishing is mainly flying fish, so there is no need to worry about hanging grass or anything. When the fish takes the bait, it is enough to get out of the water quickly. Playing with tradition is a tenet. Try to find aquatic plants. Places with many aquatic plants can naturally catch well. Even a small pile of aquatic plants near the shore may give you unexpected surprises. Of course, there are no aquatic plants and we can only fish out of the water. We must remember where we made our nest when fishing out of the water. The difference is as small as a mile.

Floating phase:

Traditional seven-star floating fishing, because the basic fish are eaten dead mouth, so the floating phase is relatively simple, most crucian carp is basically moved slowly after drifting, catch it to drift a pause point basic fish obediently with you ashore. Of course, there is also a kind of floating phase, which is black floating: small fish, stingy fish and big fish are often black floating, that is, all seven stars are pulled into the water. At this time, the pole can be lifted quickly, and not small miscellaneous fish can be caught basically.

Based on the above, please forgive me if you have something wrong. After all, there is no fixed method for fishing. Whether it is suitable for you in the end still needs to explore your own experience and find what is suitable for you is the best.