There are six taboos in wild fishing in lakes and reservoirs. It is a trivial matter not to catch anything. It is too late to regret an accident.

Outdoor fishing is a very pleasant and relaxing thing, but we should also pay attention to some taboos. Of course, it does not mean where to fish or where not to fish. Theoretically, as long as it is unmanaged wild water, there is no clearly marked prohibited water area, and it is not privately contracted water area, it can be lowered.
Before this article, I would like to say a small thing. It should be that in August last year, a fishing friend drove alone away from a reservoir about 120 kilometers away from the city to fish because of his annual leave. Before going out and after arriving at the fishing point, he gave the fishing friends live broadcast in the group.
After stopping the car, making a good nest, and settling the problem of dinner, I started fishing with the pole. During this period, I met two people who drove by, talked a few words, took the cigarettes submitted by the other party, and talked a few words. The two people left. The fishing friend lit the cigarettes delivered by the other party, and soon felt dizzy and swollen. It was already an hour later when the person was completely awake.
Later, I checked and found that my cash and ID card were all taken away. I simply didn’t have an accident. Then I called the police. When the police arrived, they said that there were prohibited drugs in the cigarettes. However, several similar incidents have occurred in the reservoir recently, and how much or how little property was lost.
After the fishing friend told everyone about the incident in the group, everyone felt a little deeply while comforting them. After all, they all like fishing and outdoor wild fishing. It is inevitable that they will not encounter these things. So to sum up, there are so many taboos in outdoor wild fishing that they need to pay attention to one or two.
Taboo 1. Taboo to make loud noises at fishing points
For fishing in the wild, most of them choose large water areas, especially lakes and reservoirs. Except for areas where people contract for farming, most areas are inaccessible all the year round, and it is basically difficult to have other sounds except wind and water.
However, fishermen are near the fishing point, sometimes answering and making phone calls, sometimes making loud noises, which will inevitably lead to fish schools not daring to enter the nest. It will take a long time, that is, after the surrounding environment returns to normal, before they dare to enter the nest for food. Even if there are fish to feed, they are mostly small miscellaneous fish.
Often we will lay the nest material of carp grass, but it is crucian carp that takes the bait. It is no accident that the sound of cars and voices is too noisy and continuous at the fishing point. Even if fish enter the nest soon, the nest will be very slow.
Taboo 2, fishing level is not enough, taboo a little more pole
It is a topic worth discussing how many poles are suitable for wild fishing in the lake bank. However, this discussion is not suitable for novice or inexperienced fishing friends. Whether it is to play sea poles, or to use hand poles, a little more poles will do more harm than good.
First, the novice is not very accurate in throwing the rod. If you hit more fishing rods, it will easily lead to the winding of the line group. At that time, all fishing lines will be tangent, which is basically the practice of most novices. Regardless of the loss, it is inevitable that you will be in a bad mood.
Second, once the fish is caught, it is unlikely that there is only one rod to catch the fish. More often than not, many rods are caught in the fish, because once the fish is caught in the wild, it is often a group of fish that enter the nest, so when the fish is caught, it is easier for the hands and hair to be messy, winding, running the fish, and even the fishing rod to be towed away. It is really not strange.
Incidentally, it is illegal to fish in natural waters and use multi-pole fishing now, so even if you have enough experience and level, you are not recommended to try the law.
Taboo 3, loathe to use slip rope
There are many big fish in the lake and reservoir, so it is standard to catch fish in the wild of the lake and reservoir. However, many fishing friends disagree with it and think that they have enough ability to control and catch fish. After all, the fish win big things after several games, whether it is a hand pole or a throwing pole.
This kind of fun, compared with fishing in the pond, 100 kg size crucian carp, the latter is simply not worth mentioning; However, fishing friends who like wild fishing in lakes and reservoirs have a single goal, that is, to be a big fish.
However, there are many uncontrollable factors, such as water flow, wind speed, etc., or insufficient judgment on the volume of the middle hook fish, or wrong timing, such as the middle fish when answering and making phone calls, it is almost inevitable to run the fish. Without the help of the missing rope, the fishing rod will soon say goodbye to itself.
Taboo 4. Take the children to fish in the lake and reservoir without others taking care of the children.
According to common sense, weekends are a good time to take a vacation with one’s family, especially to take one’s family to find a reservoir or lake with beautiful environment and inaccessible people. A family will sit on the bank for a small-scale family fishing competition, and the catch is lunch or dinner. It feels relaxed, comfortable and warm to think about it.
However, it would be very inappropriate to take the children fishing together, but there is no special person to take care of the children, just fishermen and children. Because fishing requires concentration, this is not natural.
If you pay attention to the ups and downs of floats, it is a very dangerous thing for a child to fall into the water, drown, or even play with water. When the reaction comes over, even if the child is fine and frightened, you can drink a big pot.
Therefore, if there is no special person to take care of the children, or if the attention cannot be focused on the children, it is better not to take the children to fish in the lake and reservoir. After all, the lake and reservoir are deep in water and the underwater situation is too complicated, so it is better not to take risks.
Taboo 5. Go wild fishing alone, and there are no fishing friends near the fishing point.
As mentioned at the beginning, rare lakes and reservoirs are built in urban areas, and few are built on the edge of urban areas. Most lakes and reservoirs are far away from living areas. No matter familiar fishing spots or unfamiliar fishing spots, one person is not recommended to fish, especially for a long time.
In case of an accident, even if you call for help, it is very difficult to get help in time. If you have fishing friends with you and can take care of each other, you can reduce the degree of danger if you are in danger and there are a large number of people.
If you need to go fishing at night, it is even more dangerous to be alone. Therefore, no matter how addicted you are and how well planned you are, if you are not accompanied by fishing friends or friends, you must not go fishing alone.
Taboo 6. Night Fishing in Strange Waters
Strictly speaking, wild fishing in lakes and reservoirs is the most dangerous of all fishing activities, and night fishing in lakes and reservoirs, especially in unfamiliar waters, is even more dangerous, because we are often unfamiliar with the coastal terrain in unfamiliar wild waters.
We are not familiar with the water depth, the aquatic plants, the surrounding forest belts, high-voltage wires and so on, and even whether the nearshore is steep slopes, cliffs and dams, all of which require us to observe carefully.
If it is daytime, it doesn’t matter, but fishing at night is very dangerous, because it is strange, so once there is a need to walk the fish, control the fish, we need to move the area, or mosquitoes, snakes and ants haunt, accidentally bitten, then inadvertently, fall into the water, get an electric shock, poisoning, is very normal;
Therefore, we are not unable to lower the pole in unfamiliar waters. However, it is absolutely not recommended to lower the pole at night. We would rather wait until dawn. After we carefully observe the terrain, topography, landform and water regime, we will lower the pole after we are familiar with it. Otherwise, even if the fish situation is good at night, fishing is not recommended.
Any leisure sports, or entertainment, must, first and foremost, be safe and must also be safe. The above six taboos are actually divided according to the severity and counted backwards. After all, there is only one life. The more we attach importance to safety, even if there is no fish mouth, we will be fed fish. However, if something really happens, it is really too late to regret.