Knowing the Difference between Fish Stars and Biogas Skillfully and Fishing Position

Among the fishing position selection techniques, there is a technique of positioning by fish stars. This method of selecting fishing positions is very scientific, but not every fisherman can do it.Master.Because the water surface is very large and the fish stars are too small, people with poor eyesight can easily misjudge them from methane bubbles, and the fish stars of different fish species are different, so it is necessary to master certain discrimination skills in order to set the fishing position according to the fish stars.

First, the difference between biogas and fish stars
When choosing fishing positions in the wild, one more thing to know is that there is another important explanation for judging fish stars, that is, to learn to distinguish fish stars from methane under the water.
Especially after entering summer, biogas is very easy to be born in many humid environments due to the sultry climate. They will also float from the bottom of the water to the surface of the water. It is difficult for people who do not know what is the difference between methane blisters and fish stars. In fact, biogas, as a kind of gas, is often broken as soon as it appears on the surface of the water, and the specific scientific concept is too complicated to be explained. As a prominent gas of fish, fish stars often contain certain mucus, which can ensure that fish stars will not crack for a longer time when they come out of the water.
In addition, where there is biogas, there are usually few fish around it, so if fishermen make mistakes in judgment, they need to pay a lot of time and energy without harvest.

Second, the fish star identification skills of crucian carp and grass carp

(1) Carassius auratus fish star
The fish stars of crucian carp are larger than those of grass carp, and in the interior of crucian carp group, although they are similar in most cases, there are still some small differences in many aspects due to different living environments, mainly reflected in different underwater environments, such as hard bottom, soft mud and hard mud.
In hard-bottomed waters, it is usually sandy and gravel-covered waters. Bubbles of fish in the water usually appear only individually, and few appear in pairs. If there are two fish bubbles, it means that the fish has entered the nest, is ready to eat, or is devouring the nest material. This is a good omen. We can judge the size of crucian carp by the size of the fish star at this time. Normally, the bigger the fish star, the bigger the fish.
In addition, in the mud, the first situation is that the texture is relatively soft, so the fish bubbles spit out by crucian carp here may be a whole group of bubbles with different sizes, ranging from beer bottles to palms. In addition, due to the loose soil underground, there may be some obvious turbidity phenomena. Both situations have occurred, which means that crucian carp has already started to enter the nest and is looking for food. This is due to the turbidity caused by arching mud on the soil.
Finally, there is the hard mud ground. Its fish stars are the most special. They are mostly a series of small bubbles that break when they come out of the water. They look like a series of needle-shaped small water columns and a natural small fountain pool. This means that crucian carp has already begun to look for food. Fishers should pay more attention in this environment, and there may be floating phases of medium fish at any time.
(2) Carp Fish Star
Different from the above two kinds of fish, carp fish stars usually appear in the form of bubble groups, which is the most easily identified fish star. Although the size is uneven, the volume of large bubbles is also the largest of several kinds of fish. Generally, the small carp is about 1 kg at about 1.5 cm. The larger the bubbles, the larger the underwater carp.
(3) Ctenopharyngodon idellus
Grass carp is a kind of fish with large volume. In summer, there are often two types of fish stars. The first type is large in volume, usually the size of a dollar coin, and often appears individually, which means that there are large grass carp moving underwater. The second category is moving bubbles, mostly two or one. The fish star of the larger grass carp is much smaller, only the size of soybean. However, it is still a very happy thing to see the appearance of this kind of fish star, usually the fish has entered the nest.
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