“Reservoir Fishing” Seven Common Knowledge Skills of Selecting Fishing Position for Reservoir Wild Fishing

When we choose fishing positions in the reservoir, we actually want anglers to analyze and judge in advance which waters have a higher density of fish, and then come to a conclusion to choose a fishing place. This is just like the commander choosing favorable terrain on the battlefield and preparing for the battle. Some people have concluded that five points of fishing position, three points of bait and two points depend on the weather. The importance of selecting fishing position in the whole fishing process is evident. Ideal fishing positions are as follows:

1. Water Intake

In general, the water inlet is the first choice for fishermen, because the fast-flowing water there also provides more food sources for fish and is less affected by weather conditions.

2. Hexin Island

There is a unique geographical advantage here. Anglers can stand on the top and throw poles in all directions at will. They can judge the fish situation and find the wind direction according to the actual situation.

3. Cedar Point

This is the closest position between the river bank and the river center, which has certain advantages in throwing distance.

4. Grassland

It is easy to scrape the hook and line when fishing here. As the saying goes, ten fishes and nine scrapes make the fish blind. It is suggested that the middle fish should tighten the fishing line and wait for a little while, then when the fish struggles, pull it out of the grass area by force.

5. The junction of depth and depth

With the change of the sun’s irradiation intensity, the water temperature will also change. In order to adapt to the change, fish will look for a water layer with appropriate temperature. The junction of depth and depth is the only way for fish.

6. Long and narrow waters

It is suggested that the fishing point should be located 50 meters away from the shore, and the water depth should be 1.5 meters. Too close to the shore or too shallow water depth will affect the fishing rate.

7. The bank near the ditch

Under normal circumstances, there is a certain degree of concealment here, which is a good fishing position that can be met but cannot be found. However, it is precisely because it is relatively hidden that you should remember your location to prevent you from getting lost when you go again.