When summer comes, fish are hard to catch? That’s because you didn’t find these three feng shui treasures.

Since ancient times, fishing has been regarded as an outdoor sport beneficial to physical and mental health, but many people seem to forget that it is also a challenging sport with strong comprehensiveness and needs to open the door to wisdom.
Some people always complain that the weather is hot and the fish are not easy to catch. In fact, I personally think that as long as the following three fishing spots are found, it is difficult to catch the fish. Of course, the old fishing drivers all know that it is really not enough to catch the fish three times a week when the fish is in good condition.
1. Position of the most prominent birch tip
With the rising temperature, after May, the big guys all want to target the fish as carp, grass carp, herring and other big things. However, as the saying goes, “Three points of fishing skills, seven points of fishing”, if you want to catch the big things you like, you must find their hiding place, which is also the so-called “geomantic treasure land”.
Careful fishing friends will find that Whether it is a reservoir or a lake, there will be more or less some peninsula positions inside, that is, the prominent birch tip often mentioned by fishing friends. As this place is farther and deeper than other places, some large grass carp, carp and even grass carp have passed through here. Finding this position will basically yield something.
2. Cool places cannot be ignored.
Of course, in addition to the birch tip position, you can also find a cool place as a fishing point. After all, the temperature in summer is relatively high, and there are generally no fish on the water surface irradiated by the sun. First, there is no oxygen, and second, the water temperature is relatively high.
Therefore, we have to find a place where the sun cannot shine or where there is wind as a fishing position, such as under some big trees and on the back slope of the mountain. Crucian carp, carp and grass carp all like to spend the summer here.
3. Fish are most abundant in aerobic and windy places.
As we all know, all fish have the habit of going upstream, especially in hot summer, flowing water will bring a lot of food and oxygen to fish, so some water intakes are also a good fishing point choice.
There is also the high temperature in summer, The amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is low. At this time, if the fish catch is good enough, you should also choose a windy place as the fishing point, such as the lower air outlet and the shade of trees, because wind energy reduces the water temperature and also increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. The fish here not only have a strong appetite, but also the fishermen will feel very comfortable.
To sum up, it is precisely: in the hot summer, outdoor wild fishing needs three golden fishing points that fishermen should firmly remember. Of course, if you have different views or opinions on this, please also give more advice and reminders!