After playing with the pole and hook for more than 10 years, I may not know these enhanced games and the skills of catching big fish in the wild.

The high temperature in midsummer is unusually high, so it is also a good choice to play with the method of throwing poles and hook fishing, especially suitable for fishing big fish in far-reaching positions. Fishing proverbs say, summer fishing deep, summer fishing deep, deep water is cooler than shallow water, so the choice of fishing points should have a certain depth. However, it is difficult to infer how deep the fish is and how far it is, so the hand-rod fishing method has no advantage at all. However, it will be easier to find fish and the fishing method will be more comfortable. This paper introduces several interesting fishing methods of the next string hook fishing method, hoping to help all fishing friends.

First, the general play of string hook fishing method

In fact, the string hook fishing method is a relatively easy fishing method to master in the long-range fishing method, especially the various fixed-point fishing methods are the simplest. For big fish, match with larger fishhooks and fishing groups, catch small fish size small hooks and small groups, and match with lead pendants of appropriate size for long-range shooting. There are many target fish with string hooks. It is possible to catch crucian carp, grass carp and mandarin fish with conventional bait and live bait. According to the different water layers where the target fish is located, the purpose of fishing different water layers is realized through the placement of fishing rods. For example, when fishing grass carp, the bottom is usually not caught, and the fishing rod is erected after throwing the rod, and the string hooks are distributed in multiple water layers, thus the chances of catching grass carp are much greater, as is the case with hanging live bait to catch tilted mouth. If you fish for yellow catfish at the bottom, you need to place the fishing rod horizontally on the shore, so that you can achieve the goal of all the hooks to the bottom and it will be more suitable for fishing for fish at the bottom. The above is roughly the basic method of string hook play, I believe most fishing friends can play.

Second, the problem of making nests in the string hook fishing method

The operation of the string hook fishing method is relatively simple, and the nest making is the biggest weakness of the string hook fishing method, because the amount of bait is simple, either live bait or particles, in short, it is not suitable to fall off the bait, fishing is no problem, luring fish is a big problem. There are mainly the following methods for making nests in the string hook fishing method: 1. Make nests with explosive hook grains. Before playing with string hook, make a few balls of grains, use explosive hook to make nests from a long distance, and quickly collect the rod after being in place. This has the advantage that the nest material remains at the fishing point, and the rapid collection rod can also reduce the phenomenon of explosive hook hanging at the bottom. 2. Some fishing friends like to use wrapped food when playing with string hooks, but the wrapped food is in a harder state. For example, hanging corn kernels and then wrapping a layer of homemade bait skin with rapeseed cake powder as the main ingredient can also play the effect of making nests, but the bait skin should not be large, otherwise the throwing rod is not smooth. Or the lead pendant is wrapped with a layer of bait, which is somewhat similar to wrapping food.

What is more interesting is that the nesting method is to use small plastic bottles, which need to be about 2 times the size of lead pendant. First of all, put a small hole in the bottle cap, pass the thread through it, and tie a lead pendant of appropriate size. The bottle body of the plastic bottle should be handled, poked or cut, and the whole body should be covered with holes. Put the nest material in the bottle, then put the lead pendant in it and tighten the bottle cap. Normal throwing rod long-range fishing, each time put a little nest material in the bottle, this can also play the effect of nest. It should be noted that the hole in the bottle body must be large to ensure that the nest material can be well exposed. The principle is somewhat similar to that of a fishing group with a string of hooks and white stripes.

3. Fishing float method with string hook

In summer, string hook fishing floating is the more interesting method, whether fishing for tilted mouth or grass carp, so introduce two methods. Fishing methods, whether hand poles or long-range shots, are very vulnerable to the influence of the wind, so fixed-point fishing floating is the trick. The first method is relatively simple, the string hook fishing group is normally matched, and a float and live lead need to be added. The main line is put on live lead, then the space bean floating seat, and finally the chain hook fishing group is enough. It is required that the float should eat large amount of lead and be able to keep the lead pendant suspended in semi-water.

The second method is simpler, but it is not as convenient to operate as the first one. Add a float. The lead consumption requirement of this float is smaller than the weight of the string hook lead drop, but it cannot be too small. When shooting from a long distance, the bottom needs to be found so that the string hook lead drop lies on the bottom and the float is exposed to the water. Therefore, the lead consumption requirement for floats is smaller than that of the string hook lead drop, but not too small, so as to ensure that the string hook main line is stretched straight and tight, and will not affect the signal transmission. According to the depth of the fishing point, in order to throw the rod conveniently, it may need to be matched with sliding drift to be more useful.

These are some practical ways to play string hooks, hoping to be helpful to all fishing friends. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!

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