Fishing friends open fish ponds with a monthly income of 150,000 yuan, and the management method is given to all fishermen.

If you ask fishing friends, what is the most difficult thing now! I believe fishing friends will definitely not say that life is difficult and making money is difficult. They will all say with one voice: fishing is difficult!
Indeed, although the current fishing hardware is high, what is referred to here is {fishing tackle, bait, small medicine, nest material, etc.}! However, fish cannot be caught. Although many celebrities share fishing skills, they still cannot be caught.
Fishing at the water’s edge
Among them, in addition to the problem of fish, in most cases, it is still because fishing friends do not know enough about it, which leads to their own poor fishing, because everyone does not understand the essence of it! I won’t say much here, today is not to teach you how to fish!
But to share one thing with fishing friends, which makes me really admire fishermen! The thing is probably that we have a local fishing friend who has never been better at fishing from last year to this year. Simply, I contracted a fish pond myself. I thought I had a good time, so I took a video to show off!
But after the enthusiasm passed, he found that the contract period was still ten months away! I began to have a headache, although I can catch fish every day! But I still have to make money and live! However, he started his own business and has not lost any money since he started his business.
Cash receipts
My monthly income is 150,000, and I am stunned to hear this! Why didn’t I try fishing for so many years? Then I went to the fish pond as everyone said. Without thinking, I met this man, the owner of this fish pond. It was actually one of my little brothers. After seeing it, I was happy and miserable.
Happy because, when I asked him, he would definitely tell me how to run it. The reason why I feel uncomfortable is that at a young age, I didn’t think I could still earn 150,000 yuan a month and become a local “celebrity”. However, these are not important. In order to dispel my inner doubts and directly explain my purpose, I was not only told about his business style at noon, but also arranged for me well.
When I heard the little brother’s explanation, I understood. The reason why they can succeed is entirely because they have “good plays”. Of course, it is not that people can sing opera, but that people know the needs of fishermen and what fishermen want. After all, people are also fishermen!
Fish caught
In short, I did not go for nothing. The harvest is relatively large, so let’s chat today. I will share his business and let fishing friends learn it! I really don’t know if I look at it. I was really shocked when I looked at it.
1: Since I have just opened, few people have come. No one comes, even if the fur of the fish is good, it is useless. In order to dispel the fishermen’s doubts, he started fishing for the first time without charging. Instead, it was adopted that as long as you came to fish casually, you would give money according to the situation of the fish on that day. For example, if the fishing fee is 200 yuan, then the money will be given if the fishing fee is 40 kg. If you don’t catch it, you can fish for free until the end!
This time I didn’t make money from fish, but in order to let everyone watch fish and go back to pass on word of mouth to myself. Ten people came that day, all of whom caught more than 50 kg. The whole fishing time is about 7 hours, with lunch time. Of course, this is paid for. 15 yuan is full of noodles and fried cakes. There are also some cold dishes and cold drinks. During fishing, fishing friends also drink some drinks. On that day, the net profit of meals, drinks and other food sales reached 500 yuan. On that day, the price difference of selling fish was 500 yuan and the net profit was 1000 yuan.
Fish that returned with a full load.
2. In order to increase the popularity continuously, a week-long activity was launched the next day. As long as you come to fish, you will not return empty-handed. If you pay 150 yuan, if you don’t catch 10 fish, you can send a bottle of wine and 10 kg of eggs alone. At present, eggs are cheaper, and those who sell alcohol are not easy to sell. It is he who unites other businesses. The market price of wine is 198 yuan per bottle and 10 kg of eggs are 29 yuan.
It seems that this is a loss-making business, but in fact it does not lose any money at all, but also makes money. Of course, seeing fishing friends here, they will say, fishing friends are not fools, obviously they are not selling things! Fishing friends should not forget that after the fishing was over, ten fishermen tasted the benefits and they had already helped to publicize it. And imagine that the fishing is over, enjoying the fishing, and taking away the wine and eggs! I won’t be told by my wife when I go home, and then I will tell my fishing friends why they don’t lose money!
First of all, if you can’t catch the fish, then you don’t have to take it away. The boss didn’t lose money from the fish. However, 198 yuan of wine actually costs 20 yuan and 27 yuan for eggs. On the basis of these prices, the fishpond owner still has a 10% commission. On average, at the end of a week, the net profit of fishing fee is 25,000 yuan, while the commission is as high as 10,000 yuan! This is a lot of money, and there was no fish supplement during the period. During this period, the profit from catering was 20,000 yuan. Of course, you will question it when you see it here, but you have to say that there are many people who order dishes and have dinner, and there are also night fishing. These are all rough calculations!
Hold a competition
3: The above ones are almost the same, but it is not enough to return to the original in the long run. So I held a competition myself and joined some local businesses. For example, there are wine sellers, food sellers, some merchants who need publicity, and some fishing gear shops. Find them and let them sponsor a lot of things and divide them into different grades of prizes. Fishing friends can participate by paying a fee. The registration fee is 500 yuan, with a total of 80 participants.
On that day, the mantissa of the fish shall prevail, and the prizes were not bought at one’s own expense, but provided by others. The activity cost was 40,000 yuan and I made a net profit of 35,000 yuan. After the competition, there was a dinner for many people! He didn’t eat or drink a cent, and his profit on that day was 5000 yuan! Since then, more and more people have come to the fishing ground. Moreover, in the following days, if you catch less fishing, you will get something. Such as wine, food, fishing tackle, etc. These are all sales to the merchants sponsored before, but naturally there is still a commission to get.
In this way, I can easily make my fish pond very good, earning a lot of money every month. After hearing this, I am really envious. I have to admire others for their talent and mind. Dear fishing friends, if it were you, would you contract fish ponds and operate them in this way?