“Fishing Skills” Senior Fishing Talk on Analysis of Traditional Fishing Skills in Chinese Quintessence

First, the pole;

In general, it is generally believed that traditional fishing is a long pole and a short line. But how long is this pole? What should we pay attention to?

1. The author believes that this “length” should be defined by the fishing environment you can reach yourself, and there is no fixed number.

Example 1: Your farthest fishing point is only 7 meters, then why do you buy 9 meters and 10 meters of poles?

Example 2: The farthest fishing point is only 5 meters, so some people are willing to buy a 5.4-meter platform fishing rod, which is light and refreshing, depending on needs and mood.

2. Weight of rod

Traditional fishing, mostly in nests, consumes a lot of physical strength. Of course, the lighter the pole, the better, but the price is inversely proportional to it. The author believes that it depends on one’s own financial resources and fishing size. The 30-piece pole can be very enjoyable and enjoyable. A 300-piece pole can also be very enjoyable and enjoyable. Pay more attention to “fishing” and then choose fishing tackle according to yourself.

3. Other factors for selecting poles

Center of gravity, material, tonality, verticality, workmanship, etc. … These, if you have enough professional knowledge, can consider, then consider; Otherwise, ignore it! Let’s catch a fish and have fun. There is no need to study too much. Really, don’t get too tangled up on it! Hurt the liver… … …

Second, the line

It is generally believed that traditional fishing should be a thick line hook, but it is not. Things are always developing and improving, and our traditional fishing is also absorbing essence and removing meal.

1. Do you need to divide the main and sub-lines?

Can be divided, can not be divided (nonsense). Usually, there is no distinction between the people. We catch a fish occasionally and don’t want to get too troublesome. Fishing gear shops buy finished products directly and fish with bait. If you care, then, let’s divide it (I divide it myself) and distinguish it from the short section, tonality and strength of the stream pole, the short line of the other long pole and the traditional fishing. The main and sub-lines cannot be used too thin. For example, the author usually uses: the main 1.0 and the sub-0.8. The main 1.5 and the child 1.0 will increase or decrease on their own depending on the fishing size and environmental factors (many aquatic plants, etc.).

Advantages and disadvantages of dividing and not dividing:



1. After launching, the bait naturally swings to lure fish (paying tribute to Taiwan fishing);

2. Fish are easy to enter;

3. After disconnection, replace the sub-wire and hook directly to avoid losing the whole wire group;


1, nodule tension, easy to break;

2, trouble, pure leisure people are convenient and fast;

No distinction:

Please look at the advantages and disadvantages of “points” in reverse (the author is lazy, hey hey)!

2. Thickness of thread

It depends on the fish, the quality of the line of sight, and the mood of the angler (is it true that a daughter cannot buy us happiness, is it???)

3. Length of line

Depending on the depth of the fishing point, it is OK to leave a 50 + cm on it (too long a wind line will affect the efficiency of the stingy fish). Of course, if you throw fishing, you need to add a long line. Leisure people want to be convenient. In order to be able to travel to the end of the world, it is suggested to be a little longer. Why don’t we pull a 3-meter line? 50 cm deep, fishing; Two meters deep? No problem.

3. Hook

Hook in the sky? Taiwan hook? Barbs? No barbs?

1. Hook in the sky

This is the traditional hook of our traditional fishing.


1. Sensitive fishing without losing Taiwan;

2, stable, easy to operate, bait up, easy to be found by fish;


1. Lead is tightly connected with the hook and is not easy to import.

2. The wire at the connection between the hook and the lead is easy to be damaged and broken.

3. There is no floating fish lure process.

2. Hook is used for ordinary platform fishing: lead pendant is required for this.

Distance between lead pendant and hook:Generally, 3-5cm is enough, which can be divided into two states: lead pendant and lead pendant suspension (to be discussed later).

Lead Pendant Size:Small lead pendant, fish easy to enter, but not less than floating buoyancy, otherwise the hook will not sink to the bottom; The larger lead drop is resistant to wind and waves, but it should not be too large. When the fish inhales it, it will quickly spit out the hook when it feels too heavy. In other words, what size of lead pendant do you like? No more than the size limit, whatever you like!

Yes, no barbs:Because of the short line of the long pole and the reason why we use the short stream pole, it is recommended to use the barb hook, otherwise the running fish will break your heart (of course, excluding your superb technology).

Single hook? Double hook? :99.9%, it is recommended that you use a single hook. If you use a double hook, there are single pendant and double pendant options. (The author never uses double hooks in traditional fishing, so he will not comment, please find another one)

Hook size:Depending on the fish, there is no definite method. Simply put, it is to catch small fish with small hooks, otherwise it is still the same!

4. Line Group:

Different from Taiwan fishing, the traditional fishing line group pays attention to simplicity and practicality! Single line + single hook + seven stars drift = fishing, single line + single hook + platform drift = fishing.

5. Drift adjustment:

It is simple and easy to learn, catches with the tune, and has a wide range of adaptations. Traditional fishing uses platform fishing and floating, and moves to the platform fishing section (ha ha, lazy again)

Here I can be divided into falling bottom and hanging bottom:

1. Falling to the bottom (the hook in the sky also belongs to this category)

Choosing to fall to the bottom is just like choosing to catch blunt fish in Taiwan fishing. There is a truth. This kind of floating, almost can be said, do not need to adjust, as long as it does not affect you to see the floating image; Of course, a few more drifts under water will slow down the sinking of the hook and have more fish luring effects. On the contrary, avoid small fish! If you say the hook in the sky alone, you can also adjust the hook in the sky more sensitively, as shown in the following figure! That is, when there is no bait, the lead of the sky hook is lowered to 2mm + from the bottom (the effect is obtained by grinding off the lead on the sky hook and adding or subtracting the number of seven stars floating underwater).

2. Hanging:

That is to say, it can be described as the fishing spirit of Taiwan fishing. By adding or subtracting lead skins, lead falls and hangs in the water while the hook is half sunk to the bottom. After the actual bait is loaded, the effect is similar to that of the bait at the bottom of the platform fishing:

6. Installation of Lead Pendant

Finally, I would like to talk about the installation of the pendant and the connection between the main and sub-lines.

1. Several methods for installing lead pendant:

A, directly a lead skin, knead on the line (easy to damage the line).

B, the upper and lower 2 space beans, lead falling in the middle (no damage line, adjustable).

C, a space bean, lead skin wrapped on the bean (no damage line, adjustable).

D, the main and sub-lines are connected by a small 8-shaped ring, and the lead skin is wrapped on the 8-shaped ring.

2. Connection method of main and sub-lines:

A. Control the distance and tie knots directly (nodules are troublesome).

B, small 8-ring connection (convenient, easy to change, can also be wrapped in lead skin, practical and beautiful).

C, small rubber band connection (can be used to relieve force, very practical).

In addition, luminous beads are added between the main line and the sub-line to lure fish, which can be used for reference.