[Fishing Skills] The Key to Solving Small Fish’s Nest Winning Is to Lead Big Fish into Nest

For those who like wild fishing,For friends, it is an inextricable topic for small fish to make a nest.The small fish’s nest upset many people and made them angry, but they were helpless.There are countless masters and experts, and they have not seen anyone win by one move. Basically, they are all big drifting, heavy falling, sticking bait, particles, big bait, etc. Some even say that the anchored wheat ears are cut into sections and hooked. In fact, these methods are at best “little by little” for the hook bait, and cannot solve the problem of small fish making nests at all.I do think that instead of worrying about “what to do with small fish making a nest”, we might as well think about it from another angle. Perhaps small fish making a nest is not a problem-this is my point of view.

First of all, people.Friends who like wild fishing have their own reasons, but unexpected happiness must be one of the pleasures-you never know what fish is next!In this case, is it a pleasant surprise to suddenly catch a target fish in the small fish nest?This kind of feeling everyone will have, right?Then enjoy it.Why do you want to let the small fish make a nest and break your good mood?It is already a happy thing for fishermen to be able to fish and have time to fish, and the small fish nest is also an inevitable topic for wild fishing. Then why complain about the small fish nest and affect their good mood?
Besides, fish. The small fish that make a nest are usually wheat ears, nails and small white stripes. These fish are small in size, large in number, high in density, and mostly move in semi-water in natural waters such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc. Seeing the bait is crazy chasing and biting, making the fish float and dance, and the bait is not in the end, leaving fishermen helpless. Occasionally anchor one or two, some people will directly fall them to death on the shore… in fact, you want to catch a big fish is your business, can catch a big fish can only do your best to listen to destiny-there is bait on the hook, the big fish can eat, why can’t the small fish eat? It is all a natural thing. If you want to open it, there is no need to worry and get angry.

Finally, I’d like to talk about how to deal with it-not to solve the problem of small fish making nests.

If the small fish make a nest, you can accompany the small fish to play slowly, or drink water, look at the scenery, or walk around. The small fish stopped making noise, indicating that there are big fish coming from the dens, so you should hurry up and catch two more. When the big fish enters the nest, you can find a way to let it stay in the nest for a while. There are big fish in the dens, so go ahead! In fact, everyone knows that there are small fish in the nest, which means there are no big fish in the nest. I don’t believe you can hang two particles and throw them into the nest. Although it can be done quickly to the end, it must be the small fish that are eating at the end, and there must be no big fish swallowing the hook. If there is a big fish in the dens, the small fish will naturally stop making noise, and there is no need to have a headache. What should I do if the small fish make noise in the dens? In this case, why fight with small fish?

At the end of the day, the small fish nest is not entirely a purely technical problem. It may be a prelude to catching big fish, or there may be no big fish in the nest-therefore, it is difficult to solve the small fish nest simply by relying on technical means such as big drift, heavy fall, sticky bait, particles, big bait, etc. I mean, from another angle, it may be a bright future: don’t always think about how to solve the problem of small fish making nests, but think about how to recruit big fish. This is the absolute principle. As for how to attract big fish into the nest, everyone has a lot of tricks. Let’s show our abilities.

By the way, what I understand is that the small fish that upset everyone is actually a problem that the bait cannot be hooked to the end.When there is no big fish in the nest, there is no big fish to catch when the bait is in the end. Let the small fish make trouble in the nest.If there are big fish and small fish in the dens, then we must think of some way.My method is to catch a handful of millet and other nest materials and throw them to the fishing point every once in a while. The amount must be small. The small fish can be smashed down to ensure that the bait can be hooked to the end and the big fish can be caught.Fishing is a happy thing. You should not only fight with fish for wisdom and courage, but also adjust your mentality.If you can’t control yourself, then change places-go to the black pit, there must be no small fish.