[Fishing Skills] Wild Fishing Skill of Choosing Fishways to Find Fishing Points According to Waterways

FishingBit selection is a word selection.If the fishing position is chosen in a place where there are no fish or fish are scarce, it is naturally difficult to have an ideal harvest.Therefore, anglers must carefully select according to the weather, environment and water regime when selecting positions, looking for those fish that are densely populated or pass by frequently.Passage.Of course, it is easy to say, but it is really not easy to choose several ideal fishing positions in the wild ponds of the wild river, where the environment is extremely complex and illegal crazy nets are often used to catch and fish with electricity.

Although it is difficult to choose a position in opposition Kono Pond, it is not irregular.As anglers know very well, “fishing for grass” (i.e. Finding grass holes and hooking grass seams in waters with aquatic plants) is the simplest and most effective shortcut to choose fishing points in natural waters. If you master it skillfully, you will often get something.What should I do if there are no aquatic plants in the wild river and pond I went to?There are also rules to follow.

According to the author’s 30 years of fishing experience in natural waters, the preferred fishing position for wild rivers should be the junction of running water and stable water, and the junction of deep water and shallow water should be found for wild ponds. The common feature of this “place” and “department” is that there is plenty of oxygen and food. It is not only a place for fish to gather and feed, but also a passage for fish to pass through or migrate, especially the junction of running water and stable water in running water channels. It is also the best place for fish to stay and take a nap temporarily upstream and downstream.

By the same token, in the old river course without running water flow and the pit pond with downhill bank, the preferred fishing position should be the obtuse angle junction naturally formed under the slope and the bottom plane of the pond. This kind of place is not only easy to accumulate food, but also fish like to swim, play and forage along the junction. No matter in winter or summer or in cold or warm weather, fish will swim from deep to shallow side and then from shallow side to deep through the junction.

In short, it is the only way for fish to migrate after temperature and forage for short distances. If the fishing position is chosen in such a place, there is no doubt that the fishing rate will be high. For example, a kiln pit in Tongzhou Tuqiao, which the author visited a few years ago, has a large water surface and extremely irregular surroundings. The depth of the water is about six or seven meters, with different edges, some about one meter and some more than two meters. One summer, my fishing friends and I went fishing in this kiln pit many times. When the fish on the shallow side did not like to bite the hook, we moved to the deep side on the north bank to choose some points.

After several trial fishing and comparison, the deep-shallow junction was finally found at a distance of 8 ~ 9 meters from the shore and a water depth of about 2.5 meters.If you put your nest here, not only do you seldom make small fish, but the crucian carp you catch is also big, and sometimes you meet 3 ~ 6,000 grams of big grass carp and big carp.Practice has proved that this junction is an important passage for all kinds of fish in the kiln pit to pass through continuously. Every time the nest is placed on this line, the fish rate is much higher than that in other parts.