Hand rod snail hook fishing herring, you can try these drift adjustment methods, master the doubling of fish rate skillfully.

Herring is also called Qinghe. It likes to eat mollusks such as snails, clams and clams under the water. Therefore, it is also called snail green in many places. It is a very large fish in freshwater fish. Herring is a carnivorous omnivorous fish and will not refuse all kinds of grain bait. Many fishing friends like to use snails to make nests and then hang snails for fishing, so talk about the precautions for hanging snails to catch herring, hoping to help all fishing friends.

I. Key Points of Fishing Group Matching

When fishing herring with a hand pole, a long pole must be used in the choice of the hand pole, which often needs to reach more than 6.3 meters. First, it is easier to walk the fish with a long pole. Second, herring is less likely to go to shallow water, and the choice of fishing points is still based on deep fishing and far fishing. Herring in natural waters mainly eat all kinds of mollusks under the water. These mollusks mainly live in the water depth where sunlight can directly reach, so that there will be moss algae under the water to satisfy the food of these mollusks. Therefore, attention should be paid to the selection of fishing points for herring fishing. There are often many mollusks in places with hard bottom, which can be used as a reference for the selection of fishing points. It is not that mollusks will easily reach these herring in a not-deep position. Unless they fish at night, they should still fish deep and far away. All big fish are very timid and cautious.

Second, making nests and baiting

Nest-making and bait are mainly snails and corn grains, which is also the main match for herring fishing. However, there is still a lot of attention to making nests and using bait. First of all, making nests is said. When using snails to make nests, it should be noted that not all waters have more snails, that is to say, herring in some waters may not have eaten snails, so it is still necessary to see if there are more snails on the shore. Secondly, there are two matters needing attention when using snails to make nests. The first is that snails are alive and will run away when used to make nests. Although snails run slowly, herring enters nests more slowly. Therefore, it is usually to break some parts and add some complete snails to make the nest. The second is that snails must not add additives to their nests, otherwise it will have the opposite effect in wild fishing. There is also that snails do not need to be cleaned, and the focus of earthy smell is not necessarily a bad thing.

However, there are still some fishing friends who have different opinions on nesting. Some fishing friends think that using snails to nesting and using snails hooks, even if herring enters the nesting, they do not know when to eat snails on the hook. Therefore, snails should be used to nesting and corn grains should be used for fishing, which may have better effects. Or use old corn to make nests and hang snails for fishing. The old corn is extremely hard and only the herring can bite. Therefore, the herring is the main one who uses the old corn to make a nest and then hangs snails for fishing, so that the herring will find the bait earlier. There is also a way of thinking to make a nest, because herring enters the nest very slowly, and even the nest will be made the next day. All fishing friends will put a large amount of corn kernels and bean cake pieces into snakeskin bags, put at least 2 to 3 kg, and then put stones into the snakeskin bags to poke more holes. This nest is most suitable for catching herring, especially for long-term fishing.

3. Bleaching adjustment method

Fishing herring is nothing more than a single hook and a double hook in the matching of fishing groups. More and more fishing friends realize the benefits of fishing big fish with a single hook through the line. However, no matter whether it is a single hook or a double hook, the drift adjustment method is one. There are mainly two kinds of drift adjustment ideas. The first is relatively simple, that is, lowering the eye to catch the high eye, which is more suitable for using various baits. The fishing is blunt, but it is more suitable for catching big fish at the bottom. The second kind is commonly used when hanging snails, commonly known as raising the eye and fishing for any eye. This is because the snails are very heavy. Even if the floating tail is adjusted to the point where the floating tail is exposed to the water, the floating tail will still be pushed into the water by the snails, so fishing for any eye is possible.

However, herring is the king of freshwater fish. When herring eats, other fish will basically avoid it, especially when eating mollusks, it will bite and then eat it in situ. Therefore, it is recommended to catch blunt fish for floating adjustment. Other skills are mainly to pay attention to fishing. The fishing group should be thick. It is best to use a single hook. The missing rope must be hung well. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!