In summer, in natural waters, I will teach you these three tricks to catch more fish with corn wild.

Summer is the most active season for fish in natural waters and is also a good time for wild fishing. As summer heats up, the water temperature in natural waters gradually increases, and the activity of fish also increases. The food intake of fish greatly increases. As long as fishermen choose a good fishing position and match the appropriate bait, they can have good harvest in natural waters! When it comes to bait for wild fishing in summer, many old fishing friends will choose corn, which is the favorite food of many fish, and corn is hard bait, which can effectively reduce the noise of small miscellaneous fish in natural waters. Corn is a good bait choice for wild fishing. In summer, corn is used as bait, and there are still many fishing friends who have not caught fish. How can corn be used as bait?
Step 1 Find out the target fish
Before fishing with corn in summer, we must first find out which fish like to eat corn and which kinds of fish in natural waters will eat corn. Fish in natural waters have a wide diet. Corn is generally suitable for fishing grass carp, carp, bream, etc. Of course, most wild fish will eat corn, such as white stripes, cocked mouth, yellow tail, herring, etc. Fishing friends should know that corn mainly catches grass carp, carp and bream.
Fishing corn in natural waters, Fishing friends should know the target fish of corn, Of course, you should know that different natural waters have different fish patterns, Fishers are all over the country, and the fish situation in different natural waters is very different. Not all natural waters can be caught well with corn. With the decrease of wild fishing resources, many waters can only catch small individual fish such as crucian carp and white stripes. Corn is not recommended for fishing in such natural waters. Generally speaking, there are more grass carp and carp in large reservoirs and other natural waters, and there are many small miscellaneous fish in summer. Fishing friends can use corn to catch large grass carp and carp. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the target fish and know whether there are target fish in natural waters when fishing with corn in summer, otherwise it is difficult to catch fish blindly.
2. Luring fish is the key
In summer, many fishing friends will use corn for fishing, but there are always fishing friends who wonder why I can’t catch fish while other fishing friends can catch fish and have good harvest. When fishing with corn in natural waters, you can’t start fishing by hanging corn on the fishhook. As a result, you can’t see half of the fish all day long. You are still wondering if the corn can’t catch fish or if there is no fish in the water.
As we all know, the water in natural waters is wide and the fish are rare, and there are even fewer target fish that can be caught with corn. If you want to catch the target fish, making nests to lure fish becomes the key to wild fishing. No matter where you are a fishing friend, there are far more small fish than big fish in natural waters, and there are even fewer target fish that corn such as grass carp and carp can catch. Before fishing, you should make a nest to lure fish. Wild grass carp and carp have quite a wide diet and have high vigilance. It is best to choose corn to lure fish in the nest. Otherwise, it is difficult for fish to eat bait quickly, and it is also difficult to catch fish with corn.
Is it old corn or tender corn to lure fish in wild fishing? Many fishing friends have such doubts, and some fishing friends will choose to directly use the commercial bait corn from fishing gear shops to make nests for fishing. The water temperature is high in summer, and fish in natural waters all like natural food. It is best to choose fresh and juicy tender corn for fishing. Of course, tender corn can also be selected for nesting. Small fish abound in natural waters, Choose tender corn to make a nest, Soon the small fish will be attracted to make a nest, and the juice of tender corn will easily be sucked by the small fish. In this way, the small fish will not be able to gather for a long time. We should appropriately add old corn to stay in the nest, and do not be eaten up by the small fish. When fishing, we should make up the nest at fixed points and quantitatively. There are very few fish in natural waters, so we do not need to waste the nest material to make heavy nests.
3. There are ways to fish
In summer, when fishing in natural waters, tender corn is often used as bait. The fresh and juicy tender corn is especially popular with big fish. Wild fishing corn is mainly aimed at large individual fish in the water. Of course, grass carp and carp are mainly used for fishing. At this time, sharp large hooks, such as Iseni and New Kanto, are chosen as the fishing hooks as far as possible. Some fishing friends use corn to fish in natural waters, and there is a black drift or a powerful signal on the float, but they do not catch fish. This is probably the wrong method of hanging corn. Using corn as bait, no matter whether you hang the head or tail of corn, you must easily stab the fish. It is best to expose the hook tip of the fishhook to simply and effectively improve the probability of medium fish.
In summer, some fishing friends like to use corn to catch bream. There are many natural waters in Hunan and Hubei, The place is also called Wuchang fish. Special attention should be paid to wild fishing for this kind of fish. The mouth of bream fish is small, and it is difficult for small individual fish to eat the whole grain of corn. If there is obvious signal from floating, we can use half of corn for fishing to improve the hit rate of wild fishing, thus ensuring that wild fishing does not return empty-handed.
In summer, it is more suitable to choose corn as bait for fishing in natural waters, especially in waters where there are many small fish nests. Corn can fish a variety of fish in the wild, such as grass carp, carp, cocktail, bream, etc. Attention should be paid to details when fishing, otherwise it is difficult to gain anything in natural waters where fish are scarce.