It only takes half a minute for a master fisherman to float, but why does a novice take five minutes?

It is very easy for others to adjust drift. Why is it so difficult for me? That’s because you didn’t learn these two sets of bleaching methods.
Drift adjustment is indeed quite difficult in fishing skills. Many fishing friends do not know the specific operation method, those who know the operation do not know how much adjustment is appropriate, and those who know how much adjustment do not know how to distinguish wild fishing from pond fishing. Fishing friends should not worry. This is our duty-bound responsibility. Today, I will teach you how to adjust drift in small fishing.
First, what exactly is the tune drift
To put it bluntly, there are two ways to adjust drift, either to lower the fishing height or to raise the fishing height. If we want to find the bottom quickly, or find that the fish mouth is still tight, or the small fish is noisy, we will use the method of lowering the fishing height. The most classic way to lower the fishing height is to level the water fishing 2 mesh. If we are going to catch big guys, then let’s use the method of raising and fishing low. Let’s talk about the specific adjustment methods of the next two methods.
Second, the adjustment method of “lowering fishing height”.
At the beginning, it was “heavy lead to find the bottom”. Let’s push the float down first, and after pushing it to a position with more floats, we can cut the lead. When the float can be cut out of the water, it will be OK. At this time, it is “leveling the water”. After that, we started to push up the float and hang the bait. As we push up the float, you will find that the number of exposed mesh is gradually increasing. When the number of exposed mesh is 2, don’t push any more. At this moment, we will reach the “leveling water fishing 2 mesh” and the double hook must be to the end. This method of lowering the fishing height is still relatively fast.
Three, the “high fishing low” adjustment method.
To use the method of raising and fishing low, we must first choose a 1.5 g to 2g float. At the beginning of the float adjustment, directly adjust the float to 8 or even 12 mesh, and then pull the float down a little to make this section of the line much smaller than the water depth. Then let’s just adjust it, 8 mesh and 9 mesh will do, then push the float up, then rub a larger bait ball on the double hook, and then enter the water to find the fishing mesh 2 or 3. This method of raising the height and fishing the lower is also relatively simple, and the floating phase given when there is a mouth is very solid, which is very suitable for fishing big carp and big silver carp.