Play black pit, grasp these 4 stages and land easily!

First, the stage of making nests and luring fish
Before we rob fish, we must first have fish to rob. At present, most black pit fields draw lots to choose fishing positions. Whether the fish can be lured in the first place is the most important thing. Many black pits are not allowed to be thrown by hand, so throw the pole to draw the nest. Either wrap a large bait ball on the hook or hang a loose gun on the double hook.
How should the bait be matched?
1. Open soft powder and soft sticky bait, and match them with particles to lure fish.
2. Open loose gun bait and soft sticky bait, and match them with particles for fishing.
What if the fishing position is not good?
If the fishing position is not strong and there is a phenomenon of pond deviation, you can try to reopen the bait, add coarse and fine particle components, open soft loose bait to improve palatability, stick the bait to particles for fishing, and increase the frequency of throwing rods.
As for how to grasp the frequency of throwing the rod when fishing in a nest, here is a small reference: after throwing the rod, no matter whether there is any fish taking the bait or not, the rod must be lifted within a certain period of time, usually in 3-10 seconds, or half a minute, depending on the speed of the fish.
Second, the fish snatching stage
Generally, about two hours after the fish is released in the black pit, there will be a peak period of fishing. At this time, many fishing friends will connect rods, which requires the selection of appropriate fishing tackle. It is suggested that the fishing line for fish snatching should be one size larger than the usual fishing line, so as to reduce the probability of line breakage caused by high-frequency operation. The float had better choose the one that turns over quickly.
It is suggested that the pole should not be too long. Generally, 4.5 m ~ 5.4 m is enough. Most of the new fish newly put like to be close to the edge. The short pole takes a short time to walk the fish and picks the fish quickly. The tonality suggests that a harder pole, usually a 28-tone or 19-tone hard pole, should be selected. If the pole is too soft when robbing the fish, the following situation will occur: one minute for the fish and two hours for the fish.
Three, change the tactical fishing sliding fish stage
When the fierce “battle for fish” ended, the new fish were gradually robbed, and the rest were “battle-hardened” sly fish. At this time, the pole with slightly soft tonality and the line group with a smaller size can be replaced. The bait can be as soft and sticky as possible. Fishing and other forms can be used to stimulate the appetite of the fish.
Four, change the long pole to finish the fishing stage
With the extension of fishing time, fishing friends will find that there are fewer or no mouths directly, and sliding fish are rarely caught. Generally speaking, it is because the fishing friends’ “18 classes of martial arts” have all made it almost the same. The fish that originally slipped along the edge will feel that it is no longer safe to slip along the edge because of the “toad-pricking” fishing method, and the fish will move to the middle of the fish pond. At this time, if, it is suggested to change the long pole and carry out the final finishing stage. In addition to changing the rod, the bait state should still be adjusted to enhance the hook attachment of the bait, so as to avoid the bait scattering when touching the water caused by throwing the rod far away.